28/03/2012 21:26



 There is a new icon in the extended tool bar (Mystery Dice) that will allow you to accept new Quests. Here are the rules:


- Quests are only enabled for users at level 30 or higher


- You can only accept 1 Quest per day and it has to be completed before it expires


- You can have several active Quests at the same time depending on your level, here is the table:


Level 30.....1 Max Active Quests

Level 50.....2 Max Active Quests

Level 100....3 Max Active Quests

Level 150....4 Max Active Quests

Level 200....5 Max Active Quests


- A Quest has several steps and it will be completed when all its steps are completed


- Roll your mouse over each Quest Step to find out what needs to be done


- You will earn prizes every time you complete a Quest. The prize in coins will be higher depending on:


a) How fast the Quest was completed

b) The complexity of the Quest (amount of Quest Steps)

c) User Level


- In the future the Mayor might occasionally award you 1 FarmCash and/or ingredients based on your performance in previous Quests


- Right now, Quest Steps need to be completed by working by yourself in your farm or facilities. That is to say, crops or products you get as a bonus working for others, as gifts or by trading at the market won't count, but they will in the future. For now, if you hire others to harvest it won’t count either, this may change as well.


- You can use any tool when harvesting, fishing, etc.


Happy Farming


TnT Admin Team