NEW RELEASE - 21 January 2012

28/03/2012 21:12


UPGRADE 21 Jan 12

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:


1. 6 new Crops: You can already earn Belts and Dans on them.



Coriander (Cilantro Seeds)


Brussels Sprout



2. 25 New Levels (Coming sometime next week): About 60 items all in coins.


3. 26x26 Farm Expansions for Farms 11 and 12: Here are the prices -> 3,000,000,000 Coins or 25 FarmCash.


4. Farm 13: Here are the prices in coins (FC prices remains the same):

12 x 12 Farm 13: 13 000 000

14 x 14 Upgrade: 10 000 000

16 x 16 Upgrade: 11 000 000

18 x 18 Upgrade: 12 000 000

20 x 20 Upgrade: 1 300 000 000

22 x 22 Upgrade: 1 400 000 000

24 x 24 Upgrade: 1 500 000 000

26 x 26 Upgrade: 3 000 000 000


5. Quests (Comming early next week): There is a new icon in the extended tool bar (Mystery Dice) that will allow you to accept new Quests. Here are the rules:


- Quests are only enabled for users at level 30 or higher

- You can only accept 1 Quest per day and it has to be completed before it expires

- You can have several active Quests at the same time depending on your level, here is the table:


Level 30.....1 Max Active Quests

Level 50.....2 Max Active Quests

Level 100....3 Max Active Quests

Level 150....4 Max Active Quests

Level 200....5 Max Active Quests


- A Quest has several steps and it will be completed when all its steps are completed

- Roll your mouse over each Quest Step to find out what needs to be done

- You will earn prizes every time you complete a Quest. The prize in coins will be higher depending on:


a) How fast the Quest was completed

b) The complexity of the Quest (amount of Quest Steps)

c) User Level


- In the future the Mayor might occasionally award you 1 FarmCash and/or ingredients based on your performance in previous Quests


- Right now, Quest Steps need to be completed by working by yourself in your farm or facilities. That is to say, crops or products you get as a bonus working for others, as gifts or by trading at the market won't count, but they will in the future


6. Belts and Dans for Facility Products: The next 25 Facilities (in order of appearance in the Store) now have Belts and Dans enabled for each product. With each Belt or Dan you achieve you will increase your chances of getting a "free" Batch automatically for every Batch you start from that point on. Free Batches means that a new Batch is sent to production without consuming any ingredients or coins. See previous Release Post for the benefit % table.


7. Content Changes:


- Mineral Mine now produces Salt

- Cotton crop maturity reduced from 4 days to 3 days

- Sports Accessories Factory now produces Pool Cue Set, Pool Table Brush, Dart Set and Dartboards

- Furniture Factory now produces Pub Tables

- Glass Factory now produces Lantern Glass

- Duplicated production output for the Scented Candles


8. Explorer Accessories Factory (coins): Produces Accessories for Explorer Enthusiasts.


Camping Tent

Mosquito Net

Swiss Knife

Hiking Pole

Rescue Whistle

Signal MirrorFolding Grill

Candle Lantern


9. Hibachi Japanese Restaurant (FC): Produces Hibachi Food.


Sake Shots

Sushi Combo

Grilled Tofu Steak

Hibachi Vegetables

Hibachi Steak

Hibachi Chicken

Hibachi Seafood

Banana Tempura


10. Explorer Shop (Coins): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:



Tea Kettle

Camping Tent

Mosquito Net

Swiss Knife

Hiking Pole

Rescue Whistle

Signal Mirror

Folding Grill

Candle Lantern

Veggie Snack

Walnut Snack

Pistachios Snack

Chocolate Peanuts


11. Pub (FC): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:


FarmTown Beer

FarmTown Strong Beer

FarmTown Honey Beer

Calamari Rings

Mushroom Burger

Grilled Chicken Burger

Supreme Burger

Cod and Chips

Haddock and Onion Rings

Pool Cue Set

Pool Table Brush

Dart SetDartboard

Pub Table


Post Release Fixes - Jan 25, 10:50PM EST:


- The 'Quests' feature described in point #5 above is now live.


Post Release Fixes - Jan 27, 8:30PM EST:


- Issue -> When completing a Quest Step by clicking the +30 or +All button the Quest Manager shows that you have to wait until all the products you just started gets done


Status -> The issue above should be fixed now for future quests. For quests that have been created already, we made it so all timers were reset to 0 so you will not have to wait on products that were currently being made.


Post Release Fixes - Jan 28, 5:20AM EST:


- The 25 new levels are now live. There are new items in the following categories: buildings, winter, other, motion, farming and furniture.


Known Issues:


- The facility product Belt popups are frustrating some users, we will release an update soon that will allow you to disable them in the current session


- Part of the Tooltip in Quest Manager is sometimes hidden