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What are the freight trains ?


Freight trains are a new addition to farmtown, they are used to bring you high demand products from outside markets to use in your facilities.


How do I use the trains ?


  • First you must purchase the Standard Freight Locomotive from the trains section of the store, Cost 100,000 Coins
  • Then you must purchase one of the following train cars - Cost 35 Farmcash Each


NOTE: requirements for purchasing the freight cars has been removed, meaning you no longer need to own the particular facility for the boxcar you're buying


  Long Container Car -

  With the Long Container Car you can transport at a cost of 2,016,000 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     3600 x Plastic Granules
  •     960 x Rubber Sheets
  •     6300 x Flat Glass Sheets
  •     1260 x Mirror Glass Sheets


Long One-Door Boxcar -

With the Long One-Door Boxcar you can transport at a cost of 3,976,000 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     7200 x Flour
  •     1260 x Corn Flour
  •     4030 x Ground Coffee


 Long Two-Door Boxcar -

  With the Long Two-Door Boxcar you can transport at a cost of 1,232,000 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     5040 x Orange Pigment
  •     5040 x Beige Pigment
  •     5040 x Black Pigment
  •     5040 x Red Pigment
  •     1010 x Card stock
  •     500 x Paper Roll


Long Sliding-Door Car -

  With the Long Sliding-Door Car you can transport at a cost of 1,624,000 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     510 x Cotton Textile Roll
  •     510 x Sheep Textile Roll
  •     510 x Llama Textile Roll
  •     630 x Canvas Textile Roll
  •     2520 x Linen Yarn
  •     5040 x Linen Rope


Long Refrigerated Car -

With the Long Refrigerated Car you can transport at a cost of 1,036,000 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     1510 x Cheese
  •     2100 x Vanilla Ice Cream
  •     1440 x Shrimp Container
  •     960 x Scallop Container
  •     2000 x Tomato Juice
  •     2000 x Lemon Juice


Long Tank Car -

  With the Long Tank Car you can transport at a cost of 1,694,000 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     120 x Petrochemical Barrels
  •     3024 x Red Ink
  •     3024 x Yellow Ink
  •     3024 x Blue Ink
  •     3024 x Black Ink


Long Gondola Car -

With the Long Gondola Car you can transport at a cost of 1,148,000 coins and 420 fuel


  • 3780 x Sugar
  • 4000 x Honey Jar
  • 2000 x Beeswax


Long Hopper Car -

With the Long Hopper Car you can transport at a cost of 2,842,000 coins and 420 fuel


  • 3780 x Pile of Silver Nuggets
  • 3465 x Pile of Gold Nuggets
  • 5040 x Pile of Raw Diamonds
  • 16800 x Salt
  • 4032 x Clay Block
  • 19152 x Quartz Rock
  • 6552 x Soda Crystals


Long Well Car -

With the Long Well Car you can transport at a cost of 1,134,000 coins and 420 fuel


  • 1890 x Bread
  • 16300 x Burger Bread
  • 720 x Cinnamon Bundle
  • 2400 x Olive Oil
  • 9600 x Chocolate Liquor


Long Bulkhead Car -

With the Long Bulkhead Car you can transport at a cost of 3,402,000 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     1512 x Copper Sheet
  •    2520 x Stainless Steel Sheet
  •    2520 x Aluminum Sheet

Long Cattle Car -

With the Long Cattle Car you can transport at a cost of 5,600 Coins and 420 fuel


  •     50 x Cows
  •     50 x Goats
  •     50 x Hens
  •     50 x Turkeys
  •     50 x Horses

Long Lumber Car -

With the Long Lumber Car you can transport at a cost of 896,000 Coins and 420 fuel

  •     1008 x Pine Lumber Pile
  •     1008 x Oak Lumber Pile
  •     1008 x Maple Lumber Pile
  •     756 x Ebony Lumber Pile


To prepare your train for dispatch you need to have at least one Long Freight Car coupled to the Freight Locomotive. Place the Long Freight Car right behind the Locomotive without any space between them. If you mouse over the Locomotive, All Freight Cars (including short and long cars) correctly coupled together will be highlighted.


To manage your train click the Locomotive and select 'Show Train Details'. The Long Freight Cars that are correctly coupled to your Locomotive will be highlighted in white. The ones that you don't own or that are not correctly coupled will appear disabled.

To dispatch your train click the 'Dispatch Train' button. Only the Freight Cars correctly coupled to your train will be dispatched to carry goods.


Once you dispatch a train it will be locked and will appear semi-transparent in your farm until it returns. The Standard Freight Locomotive completes the trip across all markets in 7 days.

There is now a preference option to disable the transparency of the trains. Go to the game preferences and uncheck 'Transparent Dispatched Train'


How do I collect produce delivered by the trains ?

To check the progress of your train click on the 'Train Status' tab.

You'll see how many units are being carried and how many are pending to load. The progress bar indicates the progress of the train across all the markets.

As soon as the train visits all the markets and returns to your farm, you can click the 'Unload Train' button to move all products to your Storage. At this point your train will be fully visible again so you can add or remove cars for the next dispatch.



What does the Boost Train! button do ?






Can I have more than 1 train or car ?

Currently, only one Locomotive across all your farms can be carrying products at any given time. In other words, you can build several trains but you can't dispatch one until the other one returns.


Currently, only one Long Freight Car of each type per train can be carrying products. That is to say, you can have all 12 Long Freight Cars coupled to a train (the Long Container Car, the One-Door Car, the Two-Door Car, the Long Sliding-Door Car, the Long Refrigerated Car and the Long Tank Car) and they will all carry products, but if you purchase another Long Freight Car and couple it to that train it will not carry any additional products at this time.


How does the train help with facility work?

The Mayor will work 50% of your neighbors facilities for free. Each train car you have on your dispatched train will increase the amount worked by the Mayor by 5%, If you own 10 cars, then the Mayor will work ALL facilities for you.


How do I get my train to go round a corner?

You can get your train to go round a corner by using one of the cars that has 6 views, place that car ON the corner, and the long cars attached to either end. You may have to experiment a little in placing the cars so as all the cars are on the tracks, but it can be done.

Make sure ALL the cars highlight by mousing over the engine.

Note: There are 2 horizontal and 2 vertical decorative short cars, make sure you use the correct car depending on which way the train is turning, if one doesn't work, try the other one


Happy Farming