Tools to help you load and unload your facilities

28/04/2013 17:44

There are tools which you can purchase to make loading your facilities easier with a single click.
Each of the tools works with a group of facilities.

This information is here to help you find out which tool works with which facility. The prices are added for your convenience.

Loading tools for Production (regular) Facilities

The “Start all” buttons in individual facilities are activated by the following loading tools.

The “Start all” at the top of your Facility Manager will be activated for your facilities in the groups which you have purchased a Turbo Loading Tool for.

n.b. not all of the loading tools have the turbo upgrade available yet, also they must be purchased in order – i.e. you must own the standard loading tool in order to be able to purchase the turbo upgrade.

Belt Dryer $35

Chocolate Factory, Coffee Grinder, Cinnamon Factory, Pasta Factory, Paper Mill, Spice Factory, Drying Facility, Instant Food Factory, Herbal Tea Factory, Animal Remedy Factory

Bottling Machine $35/ Turbo Bottling Machine $40

Juice Factory, Oil Factory, Winery, Wine Cellar, Brewery, Distillery, Soft Drink Factory, Plant Milk Factory

Conveyors $35

Food Preserve Factory, Textile and Spinning Mill, Tea Factory, Petrochemical Plant, Perfume Factory, Cosmetics Factory, Frozen Food Factory, Air Fresheners Factory, Casino Supplies Factory, Trophy Factory, Janitorial Supplies Factory, Board Games Factory, Party Supplies Factory, Seaquarium Supplies Factory, Airline Catering Facility

Drive Thru System $35/ Turbo Drive Thru System $40

Pizza Restaurant, Bakery, Sandwich Restaurant, Taco Restaurant, Coffee and Tea Shop, Breakfast Restaurant, Hamburger Restaurant, Fish and Chips, BBQ Restaurant, Donuts Shop

Loader $35

Oil Pump, Watermill, Red Windmill, Stone Windmill, Sugar Refinery, Oil Refinery, Oast and Malt House, Mineral Mine, Open-Pit Mine, Smokehouse, Playground Gear Factory, Funeral Supplies Factory, Charcoal Retort, Water Utility Supplies Factory, Meal Rental Supplies Factory

Mixer $35

Dairy Processing Plant, Ice Cream Factory, Ink and Pigments Factory, Ceramic Factory, Essential Oils Plant, Metal Mill, Rubber Factory, Pool Bar, Glass Factory, Nutritional Supplies Factory, Electronic Component Factory, Construction Materials Factory, Fodder Factory, Transport Supplies Factory

Mobile Utility Carts $35

Flower Shop, Sports Accessories Factory, Office – School Supply Factory, Home Supply Factory, Farming Tools Factory, Gardening Tools Factory, Fishing Accessories Factory, Animal Accessories Factory, Medical Supplies Factory, Baby Supplies Factory, Circus Supplies Factory, Police – Fireman Supplies Factory, Beach Gear Factory, Zoo Supplies Factory, Airline Supplies Factory

Packaging Machine $35

Confectionery Factory, Snack Factory, Fish Farming Plant, Bee Farm, Natural Remedy Shop, Cereal Factory, Printing – Packaging Factory, Baby Foods Factory, Pet Foods Factory, Car Parts Factory, Shipping Supplies Factory, Electronic Equipment Factory

Tables and Chairs $35

Seafood Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant, Pasta Restaurant, Dinner Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Soup Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop, Gourmet Restaurant, Vegetarian Restaurant, Hibachi Japanese Restaurant, Thai Restaurant, Mediterranean Restaurant, French Restaurant, Fair Food Building, Spanish Restaurant

Workbenches $35

Sewing Mill, Sawmill, Furniture Factory, Jewelry Factory, Cookware Factory, Toy Factory, Knitting and Knotting Mill, Shoe Factory, Musical Instruments Factory, Fitness Equipment Factory, Art Studio, Explorer Accessories Factory, Handyman Tools Factory, Power Utility Supplies Factory, Animal Sports Supplies Factory


Loading tools for Service (client) Facilities

The "Load All" button at the top of your Facility Manager loads all of your Service (client) Facilities in one click

Express Checkout Station $40 / Turbo Checkout Station $50

Supermarket, Home Depot Store, Bridal Shop, Pet Shop, Fair Food Stand, Farmart, Townmart, Fishing Tackle Shop, Mini Mall, Baby Store, Art Gallery, Casino, Car Repair Shop, Explorer Shop, Gas Station, Office Depot, Nutritional Supplement Store, Tea House, Electronics Store, Hardware Shop, Party Shop, Zoo, Animal Feed Store, Hippodrome, Mobile Catering Trailer, Multi Level Parking

Manual Lift Truck $40 / Turbo Manual Lift Truck $50


Beauty Salon, Movie Theater, Banquet Hall, Sports Arena, Dance Club, Snack Machine, Modern School, Bed and Breakfast, Music Conservatory, Luxury Hotel, Hospital, Gym, Circus, Pub, China Buffet, FarmTown Janitorial Services, Police Station, Post Office, Nursing Home, Beach Gear Rental, Playground, Day Care, Funeral Home, Seaquarium, Power Plant, Water Plant, Rodeo, Airline Terminal, Event Catering Services, Public Transport Office


Tools to empty your facilities

Production (regular) Facility emptying tools

Green Forklift $40
Stores all products in a Facility
Use the individual “Store All” buttons on each facility in your Facility Manager

Purple Forklift $45
Stores all products in ALL Facilities

The Purple Forklift also empties any facilities which you have ghosted
n.b. You must own the Green Forklift before you can purchase the Purple Forklift
Use the “Store All” Button at the top in your Facility Manager

Service (client) Facility emptying tools

Armored Truck $30

Cashes out all Service Facilities
Use the “Cash Out All” Button at the top in your Facility Manager