28/03/2012 14:06


By default farmtown only has permission to store a small amount of data on your computer thus meaning it needs to access the server for nearly every action we carry out on our farms. There are two small changes we can make to improve loading speed.

Tip 1 - Increasing memory limit.

  1. Right click on farmtown game window.
  2. Scoll down to the 'settings'.
  3. Click on the tab with the folder icon.
  4. Drag the slider to 10MB.
  5. Click close.

By doing this we have increased the hard drive space available to farmtown for saving graphics etc. This means many files can be accessed from your hard drive and not acquired from the server each time.

Tip 2 - Lowering graphic quality.

  1. Right click on farmtown game window.
  2. Scroll down to 'quality'.
  3. select low.
  4. The window will close automatically.

By doing this we have instructed the game to resort to the lower quality graphics available on the farmtown server, Any files requested from the server will have a much smaller file size and will therefore load quicker.This tip is most useful when emptying storage and also animals from the giftbox and placing them in cow sheds/wool shed etc. Please be aware that the quality will be very low and may not suit all users for long periods of time and you will have to carry out the action after every refresh.

Happy Farming