18. TIMELINE Hopefully all the info you need :)

28/03/2012 23:19


Ok we have had so many questions about Timeline so I thought I would make this Document with step by step instructions from activating Timeline to tidying up your timeline :)

If you want to get Timeline before the compulsory roll out then on the top of your screen will have an Introducing Timeline - a New Kind of Profile box. In this it will have a blue "Get Timeline" box click this and it will take you to your new Timeline profile page.

Your other option is to click on the little arrow next to your home button on the top Face Book blue task bar and select "Help" then click on "Timeline" which will take you to the Timeline help and click on get Timeline. It will take you to the Introducing Timeline page where you can select to get it now.

Once you have accepted to get Timeline you will then have the choice of Start Tour or Publish Now. On the left of your screen you will see when your Timeline will go live if you don't publish yourself (you get 7 days to play with your Timeline then it automatically goes live).

If you click Start Tour then it will show you step by step what you will need to do to complete your new profile.


The cover is the picture banner along the top of your new profile. Remember your picture (photo) has to be 399 pixels wide or it will not load up.

Click on the Add a Cover button. You can choose from photo's in your profile photo albums or upload a photo to use as your cover. Drag the photo around till you are happy with the position then click save button. You can change the cover anytime you like by just clicking Change Cover button.


This hasn't changed. Just click on your the button "Edit Profile Picture" next to your profile picture and change the photo just as you used to do.


If you click on Update Info button you can check all information that is going to be shown on your profile. Make any adjustments you wish but make sure you click on the save changes buttons.

To get back to your profile click your Name button.


This is a new application for your profile. If you click on it you will see what you have been doing and if you have your security turned on so that people can not tag you in photo's or posts without your permission then this is where you will find the permission requests for their tags. The Activity Log is only available for you to see no one else can see it.


OK now once you have gotten that bit out the way comes the FUN bit. You will need to check your posts to see what you want to keep and what you want to delete.

Scroll through your posts and if you want to delete click on the little pencil in the box you can choose to "Hide from Timeline" "Delete Post" sometimes you will get the option to make available "only to me". Work your way through the posts until you are happy with what is left.

Timeline will mainly show this months posts on your page you can go back further if you wish but that decision is up to you. Remember if you can see it so can everyone else unless you change the settings as you can scroll back by the months and years.

If you are no longer playing specific game any more you can block the game and then click on your name button again and it will have deleted all those posts.

You also have the option of "Highlighting" a post which stretches it across both columns and makes is a large post.

Once you are happy with your Timeline view you can keep it for a few days or you can click on the "PUBLISH NOW" button at the top of your screen.


If you are a regular poster of games and status etc you will need to regularly "clean" your Timeline as it will become "cluttered" and your friends will be unable to see your "gaming" posts. All this means is that maybe once a week go back and review what's visable and delete or hide posts to keep it your profile clear.

Remember if you still need questions answered just post in the group and we will help you as much as we can.

Hope this has helped you :)

Karen Lane