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Question....does pig manure used on farms give the same result as having the red sprinkler and can you use both....thanks in advance


Gladys Markham-Lee

I'll try to explain and hope this makes sense and is not too long-winded!


The way the manure spreader functions is slightly different to the sprinklers function(s).


If you have the red manure spreader it will fertilize (and double the harvest of) any field crops. The orange spreader upgrades the spreader's function to also doubling the harvest of the trees and flowers. It fertilizes the farm as opposed to the crops/trees/flowers on it and it's effect persists for 3 days (72hrs). So if you fertilize, anything on the farm and anything you plant or reset by harvesting (trees/flowers) will remain fertilized.

This means for example - if you plant a crop today and fertilize, if that crop is finished within the 72hrs the next crop will be fertilized. You can keep planting right up to the end of that period, so if you have one hour left of the farm being fertilzed and you then plant say brocolli, which is a 4 day crop, that too will be fertilzed and you then have made the fertilizer last a week :)


Going onto the sprinklers- they irrigate (and have the effect of doubling the speed of) the crop. The red one is effective on crops only and the orange one extends the effect to trees and flowers too. The effect is per crop, so once that crop is harvested your next crop/trees/flowers wil grow at normal speed until you irrigate again. You can irrigate again after 20hrs


Thank You Gladys for this document


Happy Farming

Antonette Toni Kuhn