28/03/2012 22:59


Tips from Fred Woloszynek


We all hate the side bar ticker and advertisements on our page that are forever changing. Well here is a way to get rid of them and speed up you Facebook at the same time.


Speed up Farm Town by using Google Chrome's Facebook Extensions


If you block the Facebook Advertisements, Tickers and Sidebar then your Farm Town loading and playing will be faster because these items will not be loading and changing while you are running Farm Town.


These Google Chrome's Apps can be found at the Google Chrome Web Store.



These are the Google Chrome's Apps that I am currently using:


  1. Commercial ads blocker for facebook
  2. Facebook - No Ads
  3. Facebook Ads Blocker
  4. Facebook News Ticker Remover
  5. Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker
  6. No FB Ads


RIGHT CLICK on the link above and then click on 'open link in new tab' this will open Google Chrome Web store in a new tab for you.


When you are on the page scroll down until you get the 'add on titles' / applications click on the blue 'add to Chrome' button on the right hand side of the page. This will then add each title/application/extention to Chrome. As you add each of the 6 titles mentioned above different things will disappear on you page and when you have added all 6 titles to Google Chrome you have a clean and improved Facebook page with no sidebar ticker or advertisements.


Hope you enjoy your new page

Happy Farming

Antonette Toni Kuhn