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This Document is a simple to follow instruction on how to sell your Non Ingredients in the Market Place


First thing to do is empty your facilities (all or just the ones that you want to) to do this you either use the store all button at the top of your facility manager (you need the purple forklift to use this.),


or the store all button on each individual facility (you need the green forklift to use this)

or manually store by going into each facility click on what's pending then click store all.


Once you have stored everything you want to go to the market place. Personally I prefer to go offline so that I don't get bothered by people wanting to trade with me. To go offline click on the little green power plug (2nd button in on the right at the top) then click the grren tick to agree to disconnect from the mainframe.



Once in Market Place click on sell my harvests or gifts in the options bubble then click on show me your prices this will bring up your market window.


If you look closely at the photo you will see above the blue sell all button a little drop down box which says ALL. Click on the little arrow next to the word ALL and scroll down to NON-INGREDIENTS.


Once you have selected Non-Ingredients click on the blue SELL ALL SHOWN button and it will sell all of your Non Ingredients whether from facilities or from crops or trees or fish or flowers that you have collected.


click the green tick and all items will sell and the coins added to your total.

If you want to sell some of your Facility stock (if you have to much or you don't own some of the services/facilities) then that is possible too.

Change the drop down box to From Facilities


In the top right corner of each items box there is a little square. Tick the ones that you don't want to keep (you want to sell) and work your way through your list. Once you have done this all the items you want to sell will be ticked like this.


Click on the blue SELL SELECTED box and it will sell everything you have ticked. Now that you have ticked those lines everytime you go to market to sell you can sell those you have selected everytime by just clicking the sell selected button.

If you have an overstock of something and want to sell it or you need some coins for an upgrade you can click on the sell half button on individual products and it will sell half of your storage. You can do the same with the animals, plants, flowers and fish headings too.

Hope this has helped you with your selling at the market place. If you still have any questions feel free to ask in the group :)

Happy Farming


TnT Admin Team