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Q: What are quests?

A: Quests are a way to earn extra coins on your farm by performing goals. These goals are products that you make using your facilities. A quest might require you to harvest crops, animals, trees, fish etc. You will then use those harvests to make other products until you reach your goal.


Q: How do i start a quest?

A: To start a quest, go to your extended tool box and click on the mystery dice..

Then click the blue "Accept Quest" button..


Q: How many quests am i allowed?

A: You can have several active Quests at the same time depending on your level, here is the table:

  • Level 30 - 1 Max Active Quests
  • Level 50 - 2 Max Active Quests
  • Level 100 - 3 Max Active Quests
  • Level 150 - 4 Max Active Quests
  • Level 200 - 5 Max Active Quests

You can only accept 1 Quest per farmtown day (every 20 hrs) and it has to be completed before it expires.


Q: How do i complete a quest?

A: Once you've accepted a quest, you will see a window like this...


As you can see, this particular quest is to produce 10 x Chicken Noodle Soup. You have to follow the steps in order to complete the quest. The steps that you can do right now are those that are highlighted. In this case, Harvest wheat, carrots and onions, eggs from the chicken coop and chicken from the semi-trailer truck. As you see from the picture above, there is also a number 0/10 etc.. That lets you know how many you will need to complete that step. Fertilized farms DO count as 2 harvests in quest steps.

Each step that you complete, will show a green checkmark on it...

Some steps you may see a black circle, that shows you how much time is needed to produce that quantity of the item needed. In the case of the step below, It's just under 1 hour. You can hover your mouse over that circle to get an exact time till it's complete.

If you hover your mouse over a step thats not highlighted, it will let you know what steps have to be completed first before that step, as shown below.

You MUST complete ALL steps in order to complete a quest

If you can't complete a quest because you don't own a facility, try a lifeline, but please note, that lifelines do NOT help with the final step of the quest. You can also buy that facility to complete a quest with. If you can't do either of those, then you can just let the quest expire.


Q: How much do i get for a quest?

A: The prize in coins will be higher depending on:

  • How fast the Quest was completed
  • The complexity of the Quest (amount of Quest Steps)
  • User Level

In the future the Mayor might occasionally award you 1 FarmCash and/or ingredients based on your performance in previous Quests


Q: How do i claim my prize?

A: Once you've completed all the steps required, and you have all green check marks, as shown in the image below, you can then click the blue button to "Redeem Prize"


Q: What are the lifelines?

A: Quests Social Lifelines: Social Lifelines allows you to complete Quest Steps by interacting with friends. When you are stuck in a Quest you may decide to use a Social Lifeline to help you move forward.

- Click the lifesaver icon in the top right of the quest window. The type of lifeline given to you is random, so you will not know what it is until you have clicked it. For now there will be 3 different kinds of Social Lifelines:-

- Gifting Lifeline - Allows you to complete Quest Steps by using gifts or ingredients from friends. In this case after you accept the gifts or ingredients you will have to Store them for them to be counted toward your Quest Steps requirements.

Example : If you need an ingredient that can be gifted from the gift page or sent via requesting ingredients from a product in a facility that you own, you can use this lifeline to request the item or exchange a gift for it. Once stored it will count towards your quest.

- Trading Lifeline - Allows you to complete Quest Steps by trading goods with other farmers in the Market. This will help if you need a basic ingredient that can be bought from another farmer ( e.g. harvested crops, harvested animal products, chopped trees, fish, harvested flowers). You can not buy products made in facilities from another farmer.

- Employee Lifeline - Allows you to complete Quest Steps by working for others in farms or facilities. The product bonuses you get by working for others will count toward your Quest Steps requirements.
This will help if you can gain what you need by being hired to work on a farm or by working a facility to gain the products made in that facility. Example, if the middle part of the quest (not the final step) required a product made in a facility that you do not own yet but a neighbour does, you can work their facility to gain that product for part of your quest.

Lifelines can not be used for the final step of the Quest (1st box shown top left of the Quest). Also, you can only have 1 lifeline in use at any given time.


Q: I did what it said, and theres no checkmark, what now?

A: There are 2 common reasons why this would happen :-

  • If you haven't stored the previous steps, and you have none in storage, then there would be nothing to complete the next step with, what is already pending in the facility does NOT count towards the step, you must START the required batches for it to count.
  • If you have already used those previous items leaving none in storage before getting to the step needed, or used them in something else, like while filling facilities, then there would be nothing left in storage for you to start the next step.

Be careful, and make sure you have the products needed, if for some reason you have used them, then you will need to make more, providing you still have the needed ingredients to do so.