NEW RELEASE - 9th September 2013

10/09/2013 14:35

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.

Last info posted at Oct 1st, 1:45 PM EST.

See more info about Facebook Gift Cards at the end of this post.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. 25 New Levels (coming in 2-3 weeks): About 60 items, all in coins. There is also a new Cat House for storing your Cats released in the previous release that was not mentioned in the announcement.

2. Farm 20: Here are the prices in coins (FC prices remains the same):

12 x 12 Farm 19: 20000000
14 x 14 Upgrade: 17000000
16 x 16 Upgrade: 18000000
18 x 18 Upgrade: 19000000
20 x 20 Upgrade: 2400000000
22 x 22 Upgrade: 2500000000
24 x 24 Upgrade: 2600000000
26 x 26 Upgrade: 3000000000
28 x 28 Upgrade: 8000000000
30 x 30 Upgrade: 9000000000
32 x 32 Upgrade: 10000000000
34 x 34 Upgrade: 11000000000

3. Ingredient Planner Improvement: You can now sort by Qty Missing (red number), Qty Required (brown number), the Category of the ingredient (crops, from trees, animals, from facilities, etc) or Name.

4. Store Facility Filter: There is a filter icon now only for the 'Facilities' category in the Store that will allow you to select Owned, Non-Owned or All Facilities.

5. Animal Tools: There are 3 new Animal Tools that will harvest multiple regular and super animal buildings in all your farms:

- Milking Station: Enable to harvest All Dairy Sheds in All Farms
- Shearing and Cutting Set: Enable to harvest All Wool Sheds, Rabbit Hutches and Stables in All Farms
- Egg Collector: Enable to harvest All Chicken Coops in All Farms

To use these tools click the 'Harvest All' button in the Facility Manager.

6. Migration from Facebook Credits to Local Currency Pricing: The first part of this migration was completed a few days ago and today we are releasing the second part which is the migration of the TrialPay offers platform, you can now see clearly how many FarmCash you will receive for completing each offer.

From now on all payments for FarmCash, either directly using credit cards, paypal, etc or by completing offers like surveys or installing new apps, the old facebook credits currency will not be used anymore.

7. Farm Stats (coming in a few days): This is a new tool in the Extended Tool Box (over the Time Manager icon) that will provide different stats about the harvest-able things you have in your current farm, like how many products will be ready to harvest or gone to waste in different time periods. It's possible that additional time periods will be added in the future based on user feedback.

Also, if technically possible we might offer in the future premium farm cash tools to extend this statistic retrieval capability to all your farms at once.

8. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:

- The Dropdown sorter and Checkbox Activity filter selections in the neighbours page are remembered from session to session
- After changing farms in full screen mode sometimes the farm names were hidden in the farm selector, this is now fixed
- Fixed some bugs related to the visualization of the Oil Factory, Marigold, Pine Tree and Pine Log Pile in the Help System

9. Rural Craft Studio (FC): Produces Rural Craftings.

Zori Sandals
Straw Bag
Rigid Hand Fan
Folding Hand Fan
Straw Horse
Man Straw Hat
Woman Straw Hat
Oil Paper Umbrella

10. Crafting Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Crafting and Hobby Supplies.

Crafting Tape
Embellishment Ribbons
Jewelry Accessory Pack
Yarn Pompoms
Button Set
Cupcake Combo
Scent Blocks

New Products in other facilities: Nylon Roll in the Petrochemical Plant.

11. Straw Market (FC): Provides Rural Crafting Retail Services and can be stocked with all products from the Rural Craft Studio.

12. Crafting Store (Coins): Provides General Crafting Retail Services and can be stocked with all products from the Crafting Supplies Factory.



Post Release Updates - Sep 10th, 5:40 PM EST

- Sorting and Filtering on the Store should be working now.


Post Release Updates - Sep 13th, 12:30 PM EST

- The Farm Stats tool is now live


Post Release Updates - Oct 1st, 1:45 PM EST

- New Levels released, max is now 475.

Known Issues:

- Trees that don't produce anything are showing in the farm stats

- Inaccurate numbers in farm stats, most likely due to hidden items due to bugs or layering. We are planning to tweak the farm stats so it only includes whatever is visible so it matches the results of the search tool.

Facebook Gift Cards Info:

If you already bought or a friend sent you a Facebook Gift Card you can redeem it by following these steps:

1. Visit
2. Enter the PIN number located in your Gift Card
3. At this point you already have the cash equivalent of your Facebook Gift Card saved in your Facebook
4. To buy FarmCash in FarmTown just proceed as usual and Facebook will automatically use your cash balance to pay for the farm cash.