NEW RELEASE - 9th June 2015

10/06/2015 18:03

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last changes released on June 27th, 7:00PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. 15 Father's Day Items 3 as gifts and 12 in the store.

2. 25 New Levels 32 new items in the buildings, motion, furniture, farm decor and other category.

3. Last 4 expansions for Farm 26: See prices below:

34x34 - 12,500,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash
36x36 - 13,000,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash
38x38 - 13,500,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash
40x40 - 14,000,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash

4. Super Neighbours: When you click on a neighbour in the main neighbour panel you will see a new 'Set as Super-Neighbour' option. It's main purpose is to allow you to select one (or may be a few) neighbours that will be permanently hired to work your farms when you go on vacation or have to be absent from the game for a while.

All Super Neighbours will have a red dot in the neighbour bar. You can also use the Order by Super-Neighbour option if you want to see all the Super Neighbours grouped together.

Super Neighbours will also be able to use your tools and your fuel when they have no fuel.

For now all farming operations are allowed except planting, but in the next release planting will be allowed as well if you grant the permissions to do so, using the coins of the farm owner.

Also for the next release, we hope to extend this concept to the cooperative design as well. Meaning, if a Super Neighbour have the design permission on one of your farms, he will be allowed to move, delete coin items and even buy items with their own coins to put in your farm (based on the farm owners level), this way you can have groups of trusted farmers designing different sections of a farm without requiring your online presence on that farm.

5. Sort by Alpha or Default in the Giftbox: In addition this window now behaves like the rest of the windows in the game, with an improved scrolling and full mouse wheel support.

6. 14 x 14 Crop Tools: Seeder and Harvest-Plant Combine are now available in 14 x 14 mode, this will allow you to perform farming operations over 196 fields at a time.

As mentioned on the previous release, when you purchase these tools we recommend that you use your mouse wheel when the Toolbox is open to scroll up and down to access the bigger tools and also the smallest tools.

7. More efficient navigation of Cooperative Quests: There are 2 new buttons on the Cooperative Quest window, the go to next quest button ( |> ) and the go to previous quest button ( |< ). If you are already on the last quest then the "go to next" button will go to the first quest of the next neighbour and if you are on the first quest then the "go to previous" button will go to the last quest of the previous neighbour.

These buttons will allow faster navigation of your neighbours Cooperative Quests as it will considerably minimize mouse movements.

8. Mark farms as private: Similar to the way you mark a farm as your default farm or as a quest farm, you can now mark one or more farms as private. This will allow players participating in contests to have full privacy while designing their competing farms. Notice that if a farm is marked as private you will not be able to hire anyone to work on that farm.

Another useful scenario where you can use this feature is to mark your quest farm as a private farm, this way you will not be able to hire anyone (including your Super Neighbours) accidentally to work on that farm.

Also, if you have the required dispatched trains, the Mayor will work all the facilities in the private farms of the target user as usual.

9. Other Improvements:

- Added a new filter 'Not in this Farm' to the Facilities category in the Store, this way you can quickly find and buy the facilities that are not present on the current farm.
- Removed the double loading of the farm when landing on a neighbour farm to work facilities or when hiring an employee inside a farm.
- When adding a neighbour, if there is not enough space available we will notify the user and stop the operation, this way you will not lose other neighbours accidentally.
- We frequently receive complains from users that put too many animals on a farm and then can't access the farm because it's too slow. We decided to add a hard limit to how many animals you can have on a farm, this number will be 400, we think this is a good compromise, however this restriction only applies to new animals you try to put in a farm, if one of your farms already had more than 400 animals you will continue too see all of them.

- Moderators will now have access to check when users have used the Cash Out action in the facility manager and when they have sold non-ingredients in the market.

10. Cattle Show Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Cattle Show Supplies.

Cattle Comb
Arena Gate
Neck Sweat
Measuring Stick
Cattle Show Stick
Arena Decor
Cattle Show Awards
Grooming Chute

11. Dance Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Dance Supplies.

Belly Dance Sword
Dance Stick
Dance Training Bars
Boa Feathers
Ballerina Dress
Flamenco Castanets
Indian Dance Anklet
Cabaret Headdress

12. Australian Restaurant (FC): Produces Australian Food.

Anzac Biscuits
Burger with the Lot
Meat Pie
Chilli Mud Crab
Macadamia Grouper
Minted Lamb Cutlets
Aussie Seafood Platter

New Tree: Macadamia Nuts, you can buy it on the Store, level 126 required.

13. Dance Studio (Coins): Provides Dance Instruction Services and can be stocked with products from the Dance Supplies Factory.



Post Release Updates - June 9th, 5:45AM EST

- Corrected a bug in the Minted Lamb Cutlets produced on the Australian Restaurant

Post Release Updates - June 9th, 9:00PM EST

- Employees should now be able to use employer tools and fuel again if the employer allowed to do so, like it was before.
- Players that currently have more than 400 animals on a farm (outside the sheds) will still see the same amount of animals, the restriction will only be enforced for new animals that you try to put in the farm.

Post Release Updates - June 10th, 11:15PM EST

- Super Neighbours should now be able to use tools and fuel from the farm owner.
- Fixed some inconsistencies with the red dots in the neighbour bar. Right now when you are visiting a farm and you are a Super Neighbour of that farm owner, as an extra hint, you will have a red dot on your own user in the neighbour bar.
- When setting and removing Super Neighbours the neighbour bar will stay in place on the same position.

Post Release Updates - June 10th, 11:45PM EST

- Father's Day items released, 3 as gifts and 12 in the store.

Post Release Updates - June 11th, 8:25PM EST

- When working neighbour facilities some users were incorrectly experiencing an error message saying that the target farm was private.
- The pavlova in the Australian Restaurant now require passion fruit instead of pomegranate.

Post Release Updates - June 12th, 12:25AM EST

- Fixed more bugs related to Super Neighbours and not been able to access tools. Please reload the game and report if you are still finding issues.

Post Release Updates - June 12th, 5:38PM EST

- We just confirmed that the issue with the zoom and the big farms and the quest chart not showing was due to the Chrome/Flash update a few days ago. We have managed to create a workaround so at least the quest chart is fully visible, however we don't think we can do anything about the bigger farms, let's hope Chrome release a fix soon for this.

Post Release Updates - June 12th, 10:30PM EST

- Some users were seeing weird things in the neighbour bar like neighbours with level 0, or named 'Friend', or without coop quests when in reality they had coop quests, we just released some fixes for this but please report if you continue experiencing this behavior.

Post Release Updates - June 16th, 2:40AM EST

- The 'My Neighbours' option is back on the request windows.
- Some users were experiencing weird issues while navigating Cooperative Quests like suddenly moving back to the first neighbour, this should now be fixed.

Post Release Updates - June 22th, 5:30PM EST

- New levels released.

Post Release Updates - June 27th, 7:00PM EST

- The loading issues should have been solved by now. The issue was on our side, sorry guys I took a few days off and was sure it was on the facebook side because we have not released any changes recently so I didn't even post here, when the problem is with facebook we can't even communicate with them, only wait. However I overlooked that we have added a new server to the game, which is a very routinely operation but it turns out it was miss configured and it was failing for the past few days.

Known Problems

- Layout issues when using the Chrome browser due to a recent Chrome/Flash update. They should release a fix soon because the error seems to be widely reported.