New Release - 9th February 2016

09/02/2016 23:03

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last changes released on February 29th, 9:20PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following new features and bug fixes:

1. 11 Valentine Items (released a week ago): 6 as gift and 5 on the Store.

2. 42 x 42 expansions for farms 11 - 20: 20,000,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash.

3. Added Zinc Ore and Brass Sheets to existing Train Freight Cars.

4. Mobile Lookout Tower (FC): This tool provides detailed visibility on your Super Neighbours farm content by enabling the 'Show Work Info' when visiting them. After looking at the Work Info of your Super Neighbours, your farm selector will be updated to only show the blue color on farms where there is work available.

Also, this tool will reduce the waiting time to pull updated work information from 10 to 5 minutes, whether you are at a farm or at the market.

This tool cost 100 Farmcash, it's the most expensive tool in the game because of the high level of resources that it consumes on our backend servers.

5. Farm Stats Optimizations and Improvements:

a) Farmstats now use a similar strategy to the one used in the 'Show Work Info' screen, the counters should match on both places and the results are presented much more quickly. You can even modify the check boxes (bonus/baits/quest farms) and the results will be updated right away.
b) Added a new 'Fields' category, this will include stats about your harvested and plowed fields in your farms
c) Added a new Order by Category, this is useful in case you are requesting information on All Products, results will be grouped by Category and even inside the Tree category, all the fruits will be shown first and then all the logs and branches.
d) Frozen flowers are now ignored and not counted on the results
e) Bugfix: Sometimes counters for milk, eggs, wool, horse hair and pine log piles were incorrect or farms were missing on the drill down screen, where counters per farm were shown.
f) Bugfix: Fish counters are now more accurate. The only time where fish counters may seem wrong is when the user have several of the same water item stacked on top of each other, this shouldn't be common as you will have no way to access those hidden items.

6. Other Performance Optimizations and Improvements:

a) When visiting a farm of a Super Neighbour with design permissions granted to you, the Hand Tool will be only auto selected if there is no other work available on that farm.
b) In the 'Show Work Info' screen we now show a tool tip with the farm name when you mouse over the farm buttons.
c) Now is not possible to end up purchasing duplicated items when clicking multiple times on the same spot in the farm, this was also causing the side effect of some progress bars not getting removed from the screen. This does not apply to animals.
d) Sprinklers now trigger action on mouse click, not mouse down, meaning you have to actually release the mouse button in order for the sprinkler to start it's action.
e) Show a warning message when landing on a farm of a blocked user. Notice that you will not be able to communicate with that user while he/she remains blocked by you.

7. Started the development of the Neighborhood Chains Contest: This is a weekly contest where 10 Farmtown neighborhoods compete against each other by operating the longest and most productive facility chains. Here are some preliminary rules and concepts:

a) Your neighborhood is just the collection of all your neighbours, that will be your team
b) A neighborhood chain for facility X is the collection of all the facilities X that you own plus the ones that your neighbours own
c) Every week 4 facilities will be selected and 4 neighborhood chains will be automatically created for those facilities in your neighborhood
d) Groups of 10 neighborhoods each will be pre-selected by the game and their members will start competing
e) The winning neighborhood will be the one that earn the most XP points by producing or stocking goods on those 4 neighborhood chains
f) We are still deciding what the rewards will be

Hopefully we should be able to have the version 1 ready for the next release.

8. Argentinian Restaurant (FC): Produces Argentinian Food.

Humita Empanadas
Gnocchi with Cheese
Matambre a la Pizza
Chicken with Rice
Milanesa and Mash
Patagonian Lamb
Flan and Sweets

New products in other facilities: Gnocchi in the Pasta Factory and Chimichurri in the Sauce and Condiments Factory.

9. Hospitality Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Hospitality Supplies.

Ice Bucket
Lobby Decor
Disposable Slippers
Luggage Rack
Hamper Shelf
Bed Sheets
Door Hangers
Room Service Table

10. Ice Fishing Shop (FC): Provides Ice Fishing Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Ice Fishing Supplies Factory.

11. Hotel (Coins): Provides Lodging Services and can be stocked with products from the Hospitality Supplies Factory and from other Factories and Restaurants.

New products in other facilities: Whole Coffee Beans in the Coffee Grinder.

Post-Release Updates - February 9th, 7:00PM

Bugfix: The new "Fields" category in the Farm Stats window is now working as expected
- Bugfix: If you own the Mobile Lookout Tower tool, then when visiting a Super Neighbour farm, after opening and closing the 'Show Work Info' screen, the farm selector will only show farms in blue for those farms that have some available work and will stay that way when you navigate to another farm.
- Bugfix: If you own the Mobile Lookout Tower tool, your refresh waiting time to get updated Work Info is now correctly cut in half, from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
- Bugfix: When harvesting not all products ended up in storage right away, it required a refresh of the game to see all harvested products in storage, this bug was introduced about a month ago.

Post-Release Updates - February 11th, 1:30AM

- Fixed some inaccuracies on the reported data in the Farm Stats and Show Work Info, where there were items ready to harvest on a farm but they were not showing up in the Farm Stats / Show Work Info.

Post-Release Updates - February 11th, 4:00AM

- We just released a fix for the Farm Stats / Show Work Info inaccuracies due to stacked items, these were the cases where the data reported that something was ready to harvest but there was nothing visible on the farm ready to harvest. If you are still experiencing this issue please report it here.

Post-Release Updates - February 11th, 9:50PM

- Bugfix: The Farm Stats screen was not reporting extra products due to fertilization.

Post-Release Updates - February 12th, 10:00PM

- Released the Argentinian Restaurant.

Post-Release Updates - February 13th, 12:40AM

- BugFix: Fixed a few issues with the ingredients in the Argentinian Restaurant.

Post-Release Updates - February 15th, 4:00AM

- BugFix: Sometimes frozen flowers were showing up in the Farm Stats and Show Work Info results.

Post-Release Updates - February 15th, 4:30PM

- BugFix: Fixed inconsistencies on the results of the 'Show Users Info' button, sometimes it was not showing the correct status of working users.

Post-Release Updates - February 16th, 4:30PM

- Bugfix: Some users were experiencing issues when posting the facilities, the post was showing on the facebook timeline of their friends but not on the 'My Request' tab inside Farmtown.

Post-Release Updates - February 29th, 9:20PM

- Released old St Patrick and Easter items.
- Released 6 new St Patrick items. One as gift, 3 on the top of the Patrick-Easter category in the store, and 2 more at the end of the St Patrick items in the store.

Known Issues

- None