NEW RELEASE - 8th May 2015

11/05/2015 17:26

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last changes released on May 9th, 2:45PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes: En Español AQUI

1. 20 Colored Crates and 12 new Mother's Day decorations (released 2 weeks ago): The crates are in the Farming category.

2. Next 5 expansions for Farm 26: See prices below:

24x24 - 10,000,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
26x26 - 10,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
28x28 - 11,000,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
30x30 - 11,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
32x32 - 12,000,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash

3. Disable facilities in Facility Manager: Similar to the way you disable certain products inside a facility, you can now disable certain facilities inside the facility manager on a per farm basis, so when you click Start All/Load All they are ignored.

4. Farm Selector showing when returning to your farm: When you click the Home icon to return to your farm we now show the farm selector so you can select which farm you want to go to.

5. 14 x 14 Crop Tools: Harvester, Plower and Harvest-Plow Combine are now available in 14 x 14 mode, this will allow you to perform farming operations over 196 fields at a time.

- As the toolbox was already full, users purchasing these new tools will see new arrow buttons in the Toolbox to access all their tools, however is much easier to use the mouse wheel for this.
- The Seeder 14 x 14 and the Harvest-Plant Combine 14 x 14 will be released on the next release.

6. Mouse wheel works in most windows: You can now use your mouse wheel for easier scrolling on most game windows like Store, Market, Storage, Facility Manager, Belt/Dans Manager, Quest Managers and the Tool Box. It also works in dropdowns like filters.

7. Belt and Dans for the next 10 Facilities (Coming on Monday)

8. Market Improvements:

- Sell 'Half of All' option in the Market Window. You can use the arrow next to the blue button to sell in bulk 'All Selected' or 'Half of All'. If 'non-ingredients' or 'non-ingredients for me' filter is selected you will be able to Sell 'All' as well.
- Sort by 'Selected' in the Market Window, this will show all the Selected products at the top.
- When you click on a farmer avatar the top line of the menu will also show the user level, this way experienced users can recognize and help novice users.

9. Other Improvements:

- Coming next week: When working your friends facilities, once you have worked all the products in a facility, the facility will auto close and the next one will open.
- Better explanation provided to players with more than 1000 friends when trying to send requests to them.
- Bug Fix: When opening the Market Window for the first time the product selectors were hidden.

10. Physiotherapy Equipment Factory (FC): Produces Physiotherapy Equipment.

Shoulder Wheel
Exercise Staircase
Grip Exerciser
Balance Trainer
Activity Monitor
Heel Exerciser
Parallel Walking Bars
Pediatric Gait Trainer

11. Roasted Nut Gift Factory (Coins): Produces Roasted Nut Gifts.

Roasted Chestnuts
Rum Cashews
Spicy Peanuts
Butter Toffee Pecans
Seasoned Nuts
Fruity Nuts
Roasted Mixed Nuts
Chocolate Nuts

12. Rehabilitation Center (FC): Provides Rehabilitation Services and can be stocked with products from the Physiotherapy Equipment Factory.

13. Trophy Shop (Coins): Provides Trophy Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Trophy Factory.



Post Release Updates - May 9th, 2:45PM EST

- Users with only 1 farm can now click the home button as usual to return to their farms.

Known Issues

- None