NEW RELEASE - 5th November 2013

06/11/2013 09:57

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.

Last changes released at Nov 26th, 1:00 AM EST.


Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Thanksgiving Items: Old items are now live. Later Today we will release about 20 more new items.

2. 36 x 36 Farm Expansions for farms 6 - 10: 40 FarmCash OR

Farm 6 Expansion: 30,000,000,000
Farm 7 Expansion: 30,000,000,000
Farm 8 Expansion: 30,000,000,000
Farm 9 Expansion: 30,000,000,000
Farm 10 Expansion: 30,000,000,000

3. Main Neighbour Bar Improvement: We are now showing the current user in this bar, so you can quickly see where your position is among your neighbours in the different dimensions, like level, help given, etc. This is also the only place you can see the Best Diversification and Help Given Ranks for all your neighbours and yourself.

4. Farm Stats tool Improvement: It now includes by default all the extra produce you will get due to fertilizer, bonus and fish baits. Notice the products from bonuses and baits are estimates but should be pretty close to the real numbers.

You can disable or enable this behavior by unchecking the box at the bottom of the window.

5. Long Tank Freight Car now delivers Crude Oil Barrels as well

6. 10 x 10 tools (coming next week): Harvester, Seeder, Plower, Harvest-Plow Combine and Harvest-Plant Combine are now available in 10x10 mode, this will allow you to perform farming operations over 100 fields at a time.

7. Dan 7 for Crops: You will have to be at level 200 or higher to have the option to reach Dan 7. Dans 1 to 6 are now accessible at level 100, instead of 150.

8. Less Timeouts: Users with lot of facilities and turbo tools were sometimes experiencing timeouts in the Start All operation and when opening the Facility Manager, this should happen much less frequent now.

9. Facebook Promo - 15 Farm Cash Free: Users that can't afford to spend real money in the game may have the chance to get 15 Farm Cash for free, Courtesy of Facebook. This is a promo offered by Facebook and we do not have any control on it.

We only ask Facebook if the user is eligible, and if it is, we display a Yellow Farm Cash offer bar in the same place where the blue recruiter bar is showing now. Facebook may request for you to have a valid credit card on your account for verification only.

10. Faster Avatar and Farming Operations: When you are farming in your farm (not hired) the avatar now tele-transport instead of walking to the next completed fields or plants, and as soon as there is assurance that the operation was saved successfully on our servers.

There will be much less progress bars in the farm at once and they will go away faster as well, this all contributes to a better experience while farming.

Notice that now if you see fields with Progress Bars it means the operations have not been saved yet, so if you refresh the game you will have to redo those fields.

11. Send Farm Cash gift restrictions: In order to send Farm Cash gifts to others you need to buy at least 50 farm cash since you first started playing (or earn it by completing offers).

This is to stop users creating fake facebook accounts and using bots or auto clickers to quickly get to level 25 or 27 in a day or 2 and then sending Farm Cash gifts to friends or themselves. This is not fair to the users that do not use these tricks and it also impact Farmtown revenue.

We know this is a delicate subject. We have already decided to soften the restriction a bit, to require a lifetime purchase (for the Sender) of only 25 Farm Cash, and also, to remove the restriction completely if the Sender has been playing for 6 months already, meaning, it's a legitimate Farmtown player and not a fake account just created to level up and never used again.

This last change will be released later today.

12. Hawaiian Restaurant (FC): Produces Hawaiian Food.

Macaroni Salad
Poke Salad
Beef Bulgoli
Plate Lunch
Loco Moco
Lomi-Lomi Salmon
Hawaiian Chicken

New Products in other facilities: Corn Starch in the Water Mill.

13. Bank (Coins): Produces Financial Products. It just uses coins to produce them, that's why it's not workable by others.

Checking Account
Savings Account
Money Market Account
CD Account
Government Bonds
Municipal Bonds
Corporate Bonds
Capital Stocks

A new Medieval Building was released to replace the Bank at level 126.

14. Spa Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Spa Supplies.

Massage Brush
Bucket and Ladle
Lip Balm
Body Powder
Cold Cream
Day Cream

New Products in other facilities: Petroleum Jelly in the Oil Refinery.

15. Day Spa (FC): Provides Health, Beauty and Relaxation Services and can be stocked with all products from the Spa Supplies Factory.




Post Release Updates - Nov 6th, 11:30 PM EST

- The Bank does not consume fuel anymore
- 20 new Thanksgiving items, 3 as gifts, 13 in the top section in the store and 4 in the bottom section
- The Avatar picture of yourself in the Neighbour Bar now shows accurately
- Send Farm Cash Restrictions updated: If the sender FarmTown account is more than 6 month old, no restriction applies. If it's newer, you need to buy or earn at least 25 farmcash (not 50) to send farm cash gifts to others.


Post Release Updates - Nov 7th, 4:00 PM EST

- Cotton Dan issue fixed, users that were downgraded are back to where they were before this release
- The send gift restriction fix we launched yesterday had a bug, it should be OK now, behaving as mentioned in the above update. Please refresh the game and try again.


Post Release Updates - Nov 11th, 7:20 PM EST

- Navigation to other farms after being farming for a while (with all operations except plow in plain grass) was very slow for a subset of users. In some cases the delay was much longer than on other cases, but in general the navigation time was improved significantly when done after farming, it should take the same time as navigating between farms without doing any farming.

Some users will also experience that farming operations on crops are faster with the bigger tools and on bigger farms with many items.

If you notice any weird behavior after this fix please report it on this thread.

Post Release Updates - Nov 21st, 1:50 PM EST

- Due to other important farmtown matters that required our attention we haven't been able to complete and release the 10 x 10 farming tools, we estimate it's going to take a few days more.

Post Release Updates - Nov 25th, 11:40 PM EST

- 10 x 10 tools now available

Post Release Updates - Nov 26th, 1:00 AM EST

- 10 x 10 tools can now be added as shortcuts

Known Issues:

- None