NEW RELEASE - 4th December 2013

08/03/2014 18:22

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.
Last changes released at Dec 20th, 5:00PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Holiday and Winter Items: 22 new Holiday items in the Store at the top and bottom of the Holiday category. There are also 3 snowy rocky mountains at the bottom of the Winter category.

2. 25 New Levels: Top level will now be 500. A special gift this time for top level users, levels 476-500 will grant 2 farmcash instead of one.

3. 36 x 36 Farm Expansions for farms 11 - 15: 40 FarmCash OR

Farm 11 Expansion: 30,000,000,000
Farm 12 Expansion: 30,000,000,000
Farm 13 Expansion: 25,000,000,000
Farm 14 Expansion: 25,000,000,000
Farm 15 Expansion: 25,000,000,000

4. Production Adjustments:

a) Oil Pump now produce Crude Oil twice as fast, duplicating it's previous daily production
b) Long Tank Freight Car now delivers 4 times more Crude Oil than before
c) Semi-Trailer Truck now delivers 2 times more Meat, Chicken and Leather Rolls than before

5. Store Adjustments:

a) We adjusted the levels of some of the facilities for level < 40 in order to provide earlier access to them for new users. The Paper Mill is now in a much lower level. The Cinnamon Factory and Spice Factory were moved up in position.
b) Fishing boat 2 x 2 is now available at level 19 instead of 51 and it's picture in the store was corrected.

6. Main Neighbour Bar Improvement:

a) When changing the sorting options YOUR user should always be visible so you can quicky see where you stack up among your neighbours.
b) The current sort option has an * in the menu.
c) In addition to the level we also show now the ranking position number among your neighbours.
d) The XP format was changed to better accommodate users with very large XP values, ex: 1,234 M means 1234 Millions.

7. Farm Stats tool Improvement: You can now select which specific farm (or All farms) you want to get the stats from, this option may be enabled or not for the different product categories based on the size of your farms, here are the rules, to get:

-Fish stats on farms that are not the current one -> At least 5 farms at 26 x 26 or bigger required
-Animals stats on farms that are not the current one -> At least 6 farms at 26 x 26 or bigger required
-Flowers stats on farms that are not the current one -> At least 7 farms at 28 x 28 or bigger required
-Tree stats on farms that are not the current one -> At least 8 farms at 30 x 30 or bigger required
-Crops stats on farms that are not the current one -> At least 9 farms at 32 x 32 or bigger required
-All Products stats on farms that are not the current one -> At least 10 farms at 34 x 34 or bigger required

8. Animal and Item Storage Improvements:

a) Move animals in bulk from Animal Buildings to Item Storage and back using the new 'Move' button.
b) You can now store unlimited Farm Cash items in your Item Storage, like you can do with the animals, they do not occupy any space.
c) On each available space, you can now store one non-giftable item or 4 giftable items, ex: If your Item Storage capacity is 20, you can store 20 Lemon Trees (non giftable item) or 20 * 4 = 80 Rubber Trees (giftable item).
d) The 'Move to Animal Building' tool is now linked to the Dim Out preference and will Dim everything in the farm that is not an animal when the Dim option is enabled.
e) When you move an item from the Item Storage to the farm, when you open the Item Storage window again it will remember the last scroll position.
f) The minimum Item Storage size is now 100 instead of 10, benefiting the new users that are just starting.

9. Other Improvements and bug fixes:

a) In the past weeks we completed optimizations to speed up navigation between farms specially when using bigger tools on bigger farms. Some users may experience less timeouts as well.
b) Added 7th Dan Degree to Belt Window Filters
c) The Graphic Help Window now show how many of a particular facility you currently own (ex: 5 Owned)
d) Facilities "Alternative View" is now always shown in the Store and the Facility Manager
e) Fixed another glitch that allowed users to dispatch 2 locomotives attached to the same train, one on each end
f) When you finish using any farming tool in a farm, you can immediately use another tool, ex: a sprinkler, without having to save changes or wait for the pending fields to complete.

10. Anise Crop: Used in the Food Flavoring Factory.

11. Personal Care Goods Factory (FC): Produces Personal Hygiene Goods.

Nail Clipper
Cotton Swab
Talcum Powder
Hand Sanitizer
Tooth Paste

New Products in other facilities: Fluorite Crystals from the Mineral Mine and Lye from the Semi-Trailer Truck.

12. Food Flavoring Factory (Coins): Produces Food Flavorings.

Anise Extract
Lemon Extract
Orange Extract
Mint Extract
Vanilla Extract
Chocolate Extract
Butterscotch Extract

New Products in other facilities: Grain Alcohol form the Distillery. Vodka is now made from potatoes instead of corn.

13. Food Coloring Factory (FC): Produces Food Colorings.

Yellow Food Color
Pink Food Color
Red Food Color
Green Food Color
Purple food Color
Black Food Color
Caramel Food Color

New Products in other facilities: Lye and Glycerol from the Semi-Trailer Truck.

14. Fancy Food Show (Coins): Provides Food Show Services and can be stocked with products from the Food Flavoring Factory and the Food Coloring Factory.



Post Release Updates - Dec 6th, 7:50 PM EST

- Farm Stats tool with multi-farm support is now live, see the updated rules above in the main post
- We closed another glitch with the trains

Post Release Updates - Dec 6th, 11:55PM EST

- Fixed a bug while counting the correct numbers of farms at specific sizes

Post Release Updates - Dec 11th, 8:00PM EST

- Farm Stats inaccurate numbers with animals in different farms is now fixed
- Another fix to recover users from inconsistent train status in their farms

Post Release Updates - Dec 12th, 6:00PM EST

- We just released one possible fix to the farms in the farm selector not being highlighted correctly when you are hired, however we are not sure this fix will cover all the cases. If you still find some instances on which the farms that you were hired for are not the ones that are highlighted, please click the ShowNames in the selector and see if they are highlighted correctly there and report the results on this thread.

Post Release Updates - Dec 20th, 5:00PM EST

- New levels are live, max level = 500. A special gift this time for top level users, levels 476-500 will grant 2 farmcash instead of one.

Known Issues:

- None