NEW RELEASE - 31st July 2015

31/07/2015 11:15

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last changes released on August 13th, 12:00PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following new features and bug fixes:

1. 21 Decorative Items: 9 Boulders (Farm Decor category), Disability Parking Space and Signs, No Parking and One Way Signs, 3 Colored Parking Stoppers (Other category) and 3 Stone Patches (Paths category)

2. Next 5 expansions for Farm 27: See prices below:

24x24 - 11,000,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
26x26 - 11,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
28x28 - 12,000,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
30x30 - 12,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash
32x32 - 13,000,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash

3. Super Neighbours can now design at your farms: There is a new check box 'Permanently Hired for Design' in the Edit Super-Neighbour window that will grant permission to the Super-Neighbour to go anytime to the farm you selected and start designing, you don't have to be online for this to work.

a) The SuperNeighbour will be able to use any Free Style tools that you own or that she/he owns.
b) In the next few days we will add a checkbox "Allow selling and purchasing items with my coins" so the farm owner can give extra permissions to SuperNeighbours to buy new items for the farm or selling any items in the farm to provide more flexibility when designing together.

4. Other Super Neighbours Improvements:

a) If the owner of the farm owns a Manure Spreader or a Mobile Sprinkler you will be able to use them after you finish planting.
b) When selecting a seed to plant, the Tooltip with the amount stored will reflect the amounts for the farm owner (not yours), same for the belts shown.

5. 16 x 16 LogTruck w/ Chainsaw: Allows you to chop up to 256 trees at a time.

6. Train Freight Cars Delivery Increases: There is now a 50% increase on all delivery capacity for all train freight cars except the Bulkhead Car and the Cattle Car.

7. Long Quarry Freight Car: It will deliver Iron Ore, Cooper Ore, Aluminum Ore, Turquoise Rock, Amber Rock, Kaolin Rock and Limestone Rock.

8. Store trees & flowers in bulk from your Gift Box: Originally there was a Store All button on the top of the Gift Box to Store all gifts and animals in bulk.

Now next to the blue button there is a drop down arrow with 3 options: a) Store Ingredients b) Store Animals and c) Store Plants. Option a) and b) combined is what we had originally, we had to separate them to have a more consistent interface and provide better feedback, option c) is the new option and will move all your trees and flowers gifts to your Item Storage as long as there is enough space available.

9. Other Improvements:

- Add Sand Paper to the Hardware store
- BugFix: Sometimes when visiting a Super Neighbour and returning to your farm it appeared as if you were hired on your own farm with limited access to your tools
- BugFix: Some players with lot of service facilities were shown negative numbers when doing a Cash Out All operation

10. Summer Gear Factory (FC): Produces Summer Gear.

Male Swimwear
Inflatable Pool Bar
Bucket Hat
Fish Aqua Robot
Beach Caddy
Flip Flops
Pool Hoop Game

11. Cuban Restaurant (Coins): Produces Cuban Food.

Cuban Sandwich
Yuca with Mojo
Yellow Rice
Roasted Pork
Baked Mackerel
Stewed Okra
Guava Pastelitos

12. Summer Store (FC): Provides Summer Gear Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Summer Gear Factory.

13. Nut Shop (Coins): Provides Nut Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Roasted Nut Gift Factory.



Post Release Updates - July 31st, 4:06AM EST

- BugFix: The store is showing a Reload Game message after every attempt to purchase an item, coins and farm cash were not deducted and the operation was completely aborted.

Post Release Updates - July 31st, 4:35AM EST

- BugFix: The Green Hand is not showing in the ToolBox. Manure Spreaders and Mobile Sprinklers are showing disabled in the Tool Box.

Post Release Updates - July 31st, 2:40PM EST

- BugFix: Issues with the mayor not working all neighbour farms when owning the new Quarry Freight Car
- BugFix: Issues when using Mobile Sprinklers on Super Neighbour farms

Post Release Updates - July 31st, 9:00PM EST

- BugFix: The 'Permanently Hired for Design' checkbox shows unchecked the second time you open the window even after you have checked it previously.
- BugFix: Wrong images in the Store for the new Stone Patches.
- BugFix: Sorting by Stored Amount when planting as a SuperNeighbour will sort by the amounts of the farm owner.

Post Release Updates - August 6th, 8:00PM EST

- BugFix: SuperNeighbour with the purple sprinkler can't water multiple farms if their neighbour does not have the purple sprinkler.
- BugFix: Issues when irrigating Super Neighbour farms, like unable to irrigate or when irrigating, not working as expected.

Post Release Updates - August 13th, 12:00PM

- This new feature promised earlier for this release will be pushed to the next release: "When a Super Neighbour is allowed to design your farm, you will be able to grant him extra permissions to also sell and purchase new items for your farm using your coins".

Known Problems

- None