NEW RELEASE - 30th June 2015

30/06/2015 14:05

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last changes released on July 13th, 6:00PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game a week in advance to better accommodate vacation time for our staff. Here are the new features and bug fixes:

1. 29 New People: 10 farming people as gifts. 19 in the People category in the store. Also as gift there is a new 'Magic Wand Stars' decor. The 5 animals at the top of the gifts page were moved to the store.

2. Farm 27: See prices below:

12x12 - 8,000,000,000 coins or 50 FarmCash (New Farm)
14x14 - 8,500,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
16x16 - 9,000,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
18x18 - 9,500,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
20x20 - 10,000,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
22x22 - 10,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash

3. Super Neighbours can now plant your farms: There is a new check box 'Allow Planting' in the Edit Super-Neighbour window that will grant permission to the Super-Neighbour to plant crops in your farm. He/she will be making the decision of what to plant, the coins will be deducted from the farm owner's account and the farm owner and the Super-Neighbour will earn 2 XP for each field planted.

Access to the manure spreader, mobile sprinklers and stored product amount of the farm owner should be added on the next release.

Cooperative design will be enabled on the next release.

4. 16 x 16 Tree Shaker and Flower Harvesters: Tree Shaker and Flower Harvesters are now available in 16 x 16 mode, this will allow you to perform farming operations over 256 trees or flowers at a time.

To reuse some colors and add more uniformity with the crop tools, the old 8 x 4 yellow Tree Shaker and red Flower Harvester are now orange. The new 16 x 16 Tree Shaker and Flower Harvester are both yellow.

5. Belt and Dans for the next 10 Facilities: Pet Accessories Factory, Reading Accessories Factory, Trading Post Supplies Factory, Courthouse Supplies Factory, Vegan Supplies Factory, Library Supplies Factory, Physiotherapy Equip. Factory, Roasted Nut Gift Factory, Cattle Show Supplies Factory and Dance Supplies Factory.

6. Extra info when mouseover farm selector: Letter P and Q added to indicate Private and Quest farms.

7. Farm Stats quest farm filter: There is a new check box "Include products in quest farms" at the bottom of the Farm Stats window.

8. Groups of Farms filter in Facility Manager: In addition to the 'Current Farm' and 'All Farms', you can now use this new filter to select the specific farms containing the facilities that will be shown in the facility manager and that will be Started or Loaded when using the Start All and Load All buttons.

9. Production Increases for products in demand

Seawater Bait ------------> 100% (in facility and gift page)
Freshwater Bait ----------> 100% (in facility and gift page)
Pearl Oyster Container ---> 60%
Kaolin Clay Rock ---------> 50%
Crude Oil -----------------> 50%
Polyester Fiber -----------> 50%
Asphalt Barrel -----------> 50%
Petrochemical Barrel-----> 40%
Amber Rock --------------> 40%
Turquoise Rock -----------> 40%
Mussel container ---------> 40%
Oak Lumber Pile----------> 33%
Yellow Ink ----------------> 33%
Red Ink ------------------> 17%
Blue Ink ------------------> 17%
Black Ink -----------------> 17%
Prosciutto ----------------> 100%
Stainless Steel Sheets --> 30%
Aluminum Sheets -------> 30%
Cotton Textile Rolls -----> 40%
Silk Textile Rolls --------> 33%
Polyester Textile Roll ----> 30%
Sheep Textile Rolls ------> 30%
Llama Textile Rolls ------> 30%
Leather Roll -------------> 30%
Nylon Roll ---------------> 25%

Note: On the next release there will be more production increases for some of the products carried by trains.

10. Irish Restaurant (FC) : Produces Irish Food.

Full Irish Breakfast
Corned Beef Sandwich
Bacon and Cabbage
Dublin Coddle
Irish Stew
Dublin Lawyer
Apple Barley Pudding

New Products from other Facilities: Rye Flour produced in the Windmill. Rye Bread produced in the Bakery. Corned Beef produced in the Smokehouse. 2 new crops, Turnips and Rye.

11. Uniform Factory (Coins) : Produces Uniforms.

Lab Coat
Automotive Uniform
Safety Vest
Baseball Shirt
Aviator Uniform
Waitress Dress
Salesman Uniform
Chef Coat

12. Cattle Show (FC) : Provides Cattle Show Services and can be stocked with products from the Cattle Show Supplies Factory.

13. Uniform Outlet (Coins) (coming later this week): Provides Uniform Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Uniform Factory.



Post Release Updates - June 30th, 6:45PM EST

- Fixed a bug that was not allowing the use of the single seeder when working as a Super-Neighbour.
- A temporary bug was introduced in the Realtor Office 30 mins ago, it is now fixed.

Post Release Updates - June 30th, 8:45PM EST

- When working as a Super-Neighbour, the crops that you can plant are based on the farm owners level, not your own level.

Post Release Updates - July 1st, 12:05AM EST

- Seed sorting setting in the Store gets remembered when switching farms, like it was before, this was a bug introduced on the last update.

Post Release Updates - July 1st, 2:20AM EST

- 29 People released, see post above for details.
- Fixed a bug when selecting 'Stored Amount' sorting in the Store and changing farms, the Store would not open anymore.

Post Release Updates - July 2nd, 3:50AM EST

- Fixed bug of Not enough fuel when working as a Super Neighbour when employee or farm owner had huge quantity of fuel
- When planting and using the search to look for seeds, the selection is remembered when switching farms
- This feature announced on this release will be moved to the next release: "Store all trees & flowers directly from your Gift Box"

Post Release Updates - July 3rd, 7:30PM EST

- Production increases for facilities, see post above for details.
- The Uniform Factory, Cattle Show and Uniform Outlet will be released Monday next week.

Post Release Updates - July 6th, 3:00AM EST

- You can now place the latest released farming people over fields.

Post Release Updates - July 7th, 1:55AM EST

- Released the Uniform Factory, Cattle Show Facility and Uniform Outlet facilities.

Post Release Updates - July 10th, 5:30PM EST

- Released the Irish Restaurant, including 2 new crops, Turnips and Rye, see above post for details.

Post Release Updates - July 11th, 1:10AM EST

- Fixed an ingredient in the Irish Stew
- Added Belt and Dans for Turnips and Rye.

Post Release Updates - July 13th, 6:00PM EST

- Realtor office is now showing locked items correctly.
- The fix with the lamb and the Irish Stew did not apply to the quests retroactively, meaning, those who had quests involving the Irish Stew will have to let those quests expire, they will not get fixed automatically. Quests involving the Irish Stew created after the fix should be fine.

Known Problems

- None