NEW RELEASE - 27th September 2012

28/09/2012 14:05

See Known Issues and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.
Last changes released at Oct 13th, 19:40PM EST.


Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. 21 Regular (non Farming) People in the Store.

2. 25 New Levels : More than 50 items all in coins.

3. Farm 16: Here are the prices in coins (FC prices remains the same):

12 x 12 Farm 16: 16000000
14 x 14 Upgrade: 13000000
16 x 16 Upgrade: 14000000
18 x 18 Upgrade: 15000000
20 x 20 Upgrade: 1900000000
22 x 22 Upgrade: 2000000000
24 x 24 Upgrade: 2100000000
26 x 26 Upgrade: 3000000000
28 x 28 Upgrade: 5000000000
30 x 30 Upgrade: 4000000000

4. Belts and Dans for Facility Products: The next 10 Facilities (in order of appearance in the Store) now have Belts and Dans enabled for each product. With each Belt or Dan you achieve you will increase your chances of getting a "free" Batch automatically for every Batch you start from that point on.

Free Batches means that a new Batch is sent to production without consuming any ingredients or coins. See December 30th Release Post for the benefit % table.

5. Production Increases: Super animals now produce 33% more product in the same time frame, ex: when you harvest a Holstein Cow you get 20 milk instead of 15.

6. Farm Selector Manager: There is a new Farm Selector icon in the extended tool bar that will allow you to reorder the farms in your farm selector. Here are the rules:

- You can reorder your farms any way you like, for example you can have your farm 10 appear first in your farm selector
- The new farm order will be the one appearing in the Multi Farm Hire window as well
- To generate a URL link to a specific farm in the farm selector that you can paste in your browser or share with your friends use the Copy Link button
- If anything goes wrong with this functionality you can always use the Reset button to go back to your farms original order

7. Realtor Office Content Change: Due to the above change, the realtor office will only allow you to buy upgrades for the current selected farm, so if you want to upgrade a specific farm, say, farm 10, you first need to navigate to that farm and then once there, open the realtor office.

8. Fishing Boat (Turbo): If you already own the Fishing Boat (5 x 5) you can buy this new Fishing Boat to catch all fish in a single water item with one click. For example, you will catch all fish in a Seacoast with one click, the same can be done with a Lake or a River piece.

9.Moving FarmCash items when designing with others in realtime: When you invite others to design a farm together you now have the option to allow the designer to move your farm cash items as well by checking a checkbox in the request message box.

10. Bug Fixes and Improvements:

- The "To Go:" line was sometimes missing in the Train Status tab
- When decorative "Farming People" are added to the Item Storage they go into the People category, not Farming category
- More control on who can work your facilities, the Mayor only helps when it's a friend working your facilities. Also, a security issue was allowing some users work the same friend facilities more than once immediately without waiting, this is now fixed
- Fixed corruption of the final User in the "User Actions Panel" at the bottom of the game

11. Funeral Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Funeral Supplies.

Prie Dieu
Standing Spray

12. Party Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Party Supplies.

Disposable Cutlery
Plate Set
Batman Costume
Candle Set
Horn Set
Glasses-Nose Mask

New products on other facilities:

Party Invitations in the Printing and Packaging Factory
Table Top in the Sewing Mill

13. Funeral Home (Coins): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:

Photo Frame
Flower Bouquets
All products from the Funeral Supplies Factory

14. Party Store (FC): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:

Party Invitation
Table Top
All products from the Party Supplies Factory



Post Release Updates - Sep 27th, 2:30AM EST

- Search functionality in the Store fixed
- Farm sizes added to farm name when you mouse over the farm selector so you can see at a glance all your farm sizes

Post Release Updates - Sep 27th, 4:50AM EST

- The fixes we launched 2 hours ago were causing loading issues for a lot of users so we reverted those changes back. Now the game should load fine but the bugs for the issues above are still present.

Post Release Updates - Sep 28th, 2:00PM EST

- Purple Boat should now always fish all fish in a water item, including river corners
- You can use now all boats again, including purple one, when hired only for fishing
- Search functionality in the Store fixed
- Farm sizes added to farm name when you mouse over the farm selector

Post Release Updates - Sep 28th, 5:50PM EST

- We re-enabled the clear_memcached link so you will be able to clean most of the volatile data from memory EXCEPT that information that will otherwise enable the following:

- Infinite lottery collection, infinite gifts sending and infinite facility working

Post Release Updates - Oct 3rd, 9:00PM EST

- 25 New Levels

- Halloween Items: No new items from last year, we will release a few new items in the next 2 weeks

- The Topiary category was merged into the Farm Decor category, some topiaries are now offered in coins instead of farmcash

- Fish count won't go negative anymore on water items

- There is a new preference named 'Skip Funeral Facilities' in the preference window that when checked will always skip the funeral facilities when you work for others, therefore you will never see any new products produced on them in your storage. We will do the same for quests in 1 or 2 days. We may also do the same thing for other facilities like alcohol related, etc.

- If you use the Farm Selector Manager to re-order your farms the facilities ARE NOW organized by the farm index in the Facility Manager

- Several Farm Selector Manager issues has been corrected, for example, sometimes when you changed your farms order that order was reflected on other people farms, also sometimes some of the farms were missing, all that should be fixed now

- When you buy a new farm in the Realtor Office, after you reload the game you will land on the new farm you just purchased so you are already on the correct farm to start buying the land upgrades. Also, when you buy a land upgrade you will land on the same farm after a refresh for the same reason

- This is a clarification as to wether you can work your friends facilities for second time. The rule that have been in place since we launched the facilities is this: You can work all your friends facilities again when 8 hours has passed after you last worked on any of your friends facilities. So for instance, if you want to work your friends facilities twice a day and you work them the first time at 10AM, you will be able to work them all again after 6PM that same day

Post Release Updates - Oct 8th, 1:40PM EST
- The 'Skip Funeral Facilities' preference had a bug that was causing ocasionally funeral products go to storage when checked, this should be fixed now. Also, when this preference is checked, funeral products are now also excluded from Quests.

Post Release Updates - Oct 13th, 19:40PM EST
- 10 New Halloween Items in the Store

Known Issues