NEW RELEASE - 24 November 2012

24/11/2012 13:08

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.
Last changes released at Dec 5th, 3:00AM EST.


Hi There,


We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes: 


1. Last Year Holiday Items: New Holiday Items coming later next week. Autumn Trees moved to the Trees category in the Store.


2. Train related decorations (Coming later next week)


3. 32 x 32 Farm Expansions for farms 6 - 10

  Here are the prices -> 4,000,000,000 Coins or 30 FarmCash.


4. Changes to the 'Dim Out Non Relevant Items' preference: 


- It now works when seeding, but it will not hide recently seeded fields so you can check what parts of the farm are seeded and with what crop- It will not work anymore with the moving tools (hands) and the dozers, it was not always beneficial- It will now hide Trees and Flowers when selecting bigger harvest multi-tools (higher or equal to 2x2 harvesters)


5. Avoid unwanted Hire Request in market: When you change your Market Status to 'Hire' (by clicking on your avatar and then Change Status Message) you will not receive any Hire Requests from other farmers.


6. 6x6 and 8x8 Dozers:

If you own previous Dozers you can buy these new Dozers to delete up to 36 or 64 fields in one click.


7. Dozers Improvements: 


- 3x3 Dozers or higher now allow deleting multiple crop fields even if they are growing or ready to harvest- 3x3 Dozers or higher now allow deleting multiple flowers and trees as well


8. Neighbour Improvements: Shorter My Neighbour page and indication of the Last Activity of each Neighbour. Also, in the Neighbour Bar at the bottom of the game, when you hit the arrows to scroll left or right it will go in intervals of 7, not one by one which is slower.


9. Enhanced Freight Locomotive: This is a faster locomotive that visits all the markets in only 6 days. You can now have 2 trains dispatched at any given time, one with a Standard Locomotive and one with the new Enhanced Locomotive.


10. Unlocked trains after Dispatch bug fixed: Sometimes a train remained unlocked after a Dispatch, this allowed trains to be moved and this caused several issues with the trains functionality, this is now corrected.


11. Boost Train now enabled (Coming early next week): You can now ask your friends to help speed up your trains, in this case the help is requested via direct invites instead of wall posts. Here are the rules:


1. Each friend will advance your train 2 hours

2. The advance that your train receive in one trip from all your friends combined can not exceed a full 24 hour day

3. The benefits that friends receive by advancing your train will be between 1% and 3% of all the products being carried by the train


12. New Trees:





13. Construction Materials Factory (Coins): Produces Construction Materials.


Cement Sack

Instant Mortar Sack

Instant Concrete Sack

Concrete Block

Corrugated Steel Bars

Fiberglass Sheet

Carbon Fiber Sheet


New products on other facilities:


Open-Pit Mine

Limestone Rock

Sand Wagon


14. Power Utility Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Power Utility Supplies.



Utility Pole

Pole-mounted Transformer

Aerial Bucket

Safety Belt

FuseHot Stick

Electric Meter


New products on other facilities:


Oil Refinery

Mineral Oil


Metal Mill

Carbon Steel Sheet


15. Fair Food Building (coins):

This was an existing building in the game that has been converted to a Facility, it now produces Fair Food.


Caribbean Lemonade

Cotton Candy

Choco Covered Banana

Fruit Cup

Tropical Fruit Cup

Chicken Kebab

Lamb Gyros

Elephant Ear w/ Apples


16. Power Plant (FC):

This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:


Utility Pole

Pole-mounted Transformer

Aerial Bucket

Safety Belt

FuseHot Stick

Electric Meter





More information :

- The boost option will work on all locomotives, Standard and Enhanced
- You can have the Standard and the Enhanced locomotives on the same farm and dispatch them both at the same time
- If you buy 2 Long Freight Cars of the same type (ex: 2 Long Tank Cars) you can attach one to one train and the other one to the other train and they will both carry products
- Different Freight Cars attached to each locomotive count towards the total when helping with facilities
- We are still debating about what to do with the Dozers deleting growing and ready crop fields, if we leave it as it is, revert back to previous behaivor or use another preference option. A final decision and change to the game will be made sometime next week

  Post Release Updates - Nov 28th, 9:00PM EST

- Train Boost functionality is now enabled (Boost Train button in the Train Status tab).

- Train Related Items:

Buildings: Train Signal Box, Freight Car Loading Tower
Other: Railroad Switch Stand, Freight Car Loading Platform, Coal Conveyor, Coal Pile, Rotary Dumper, Rotary Dumper Unloading

- The Long Bulkhead freight car now delivers Carbon Steel Sheets as well.

- Bulldozer Multi-Tool change: If you click on a Harvested, Wasted or Plowed field the Dozer will only delete Harvested, Wasted and Plowed fields in the covered area. This will avoid deleting growing or ready crops unintentionally.

- Bug Fix: With the new release, if you start plowing quickly and then start sowing to try to catch up with the avatar (which is still plowing) some of the fields were not enable to be sowed. This is now fixed.

- If you change your status message in the market to "Hire" you will not receive hire requests from others in the market, but you will receive them when you are back at your farm. This way a person you just hired in the market can hire you once both are in your farm.

Post Release Updates - Nov 29th, 8:00PM EST

- The boosting of other people trains was interfering whenever you were able to work on other people facilities, this is now corrected.

Post Release Updates - Dec 6th, 3:00AM EST

- 15 New Holiday Items
- 20 New Winter Items, including 10 Winter People


Known Issues:

- None