NEW RELEASE - 22nd March 2013

22/03/2013 10:20

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.
Last changes released at
Apr 2nd, 4:20PM EST.


Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Easter Items: Last Year items plus 16 New Items, 2 New Trees in the gift section and 14 in the Store.

2. More Airplanes: Regular, Propeller and Small Airplanes. We now have 4 different styles and 4 color patterns for each style for a total of 16 Airplanes. Old Farm Cash crop dusters are now much cheaper.

3. 25 New Levels (Coming in 5-10 days): 60+ items all in coins.

4. Farm 18: Here are the prices in coins (FC prices remains the same):

12 x 12 Farm 18: 18000000
14 x 14 Upgrade: 15000000
16 x 16 Upgrade: 16000000
18 x 18 Upgrade: 17000000
20 x 20 Upgrade: 2200000000
22 x 22 Upgrade: 2300000000
24 x 24 Upgrade: 2400000000
26 x 26 Upgrade: 3000000000
28 x 28 Upgrade: 5000000000
30 x 30 Upgrade: 4000000000
32 x 32 Upgrade: 4000000000

5. Ultimate Freight Locomotive: This is a faster locomotive that visits all the markets in only 4 days. You can now have 4 trains dispatched at any given time, one with a Standard Locomotive, one with an Enhanced Locomotive, one with a Supreme Locomotive and another one with the Ultimate Locomotive.

6. Fishing Boat 2x2 (Coins): Fish up to 4 fish at once. This tool can’t be used when working for others.

7. Independent 'Hire to Harvest Trees' and 'Hire to Harvest Flowers' options (Coming sometime next week): The 'Hire to Harvest Crops and Trees' and 'Hire to Harvest Crops and Flowers' options in the marketplace were replaced by individuals 'Hire to Harvest Trees' and and 'Hire to Harvest Flowers' options. This provide users with more control and still you can use the Advance Multihire feature to Hire workers for multiple type of work at once.

8. Warning Message when buying duplicate tools in Store: When you try to buy a tool that is less or equally advanced to a tool that you already have in your Item Storage you will receive an extra confirmation message. For example, if you have the Tree Shaker 8 x 8 in your Item Storage and you want to buy the Tree Shaker 12 x 8 but you select the 4 x 8 or the 8 x 8 by mistake, you will receive a warning message. This will help users to not buy duplicate items by mistake.

9. Turbo Tools for Service Facilities: The new Turbo tools 'Turbo Checkout Station' and 'Turbo Manual Lift Truck' allows you to Load Products into multiple Service Facilities with one click. To use these tools use the 'Load All' button in the Facility Manager.

All facilities will be loaded in the same order as they appear in the Facility Manager according to the filters selected. For example, if only 'Facilities in current Farm' are shown then only Service Facilities in current farm will be loaded. If 'Facilities in all Farms' are shown, all Service Facilities in all farms will be loaded.

10. Other Minor Bug Fixes:
- The ? sign in Facility Manager is not getting in the way anymore to access the filter options for users with high diversification rank
- Sprinklers can now be used on farms with flowers only on the area covered by the 32x32 farm expansion

11. Meal Rental Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Meal Rental Supplies.

Display Basket Rack (used in the Mobile Catering Trailer)
Chocolate Fountain
Hairnet (used in the Mobile Catering Trailer)
Hat and Apron
Event Decor
Folding Chair
Portable Bar

12. Event Catering Services (FC): Provides Event Catering Services and can be stocked with the following products:

Punch Bowl
Multiflowers Bouquet
Chocolate Fountain
Hat and Apron
Event Decor
Folding Chair
Portable Bar
Pear Slices
Yellowtail Sushi
Garden Salad
Sesame Chicken
Grilled Steak
Bacon Wrapped Trout
Almond Crusted Chicken
Surf and Turf



Post Release Updates - Mar 22nd, 21:10PM EST:

- Sprinklers are now back in the Extended Toolbox.

- The custom ordering sorting option in facility manager will be released on the next release. This was causing some users to get X025 errors when opening Facility Manager, this should be fixed now.

- We rearranged the buttons on the top of the facility manager so you can go from left to right, first Store everything done and then Load All (and Start All) so they can use the products recently Stored in storage.


Post Release Updates - Mar 28th, 10:10PM EST

- Individual 'hire for trees' and 'hire for flowers' options is now live

- Users getting less XP when working neighbour facilities bug fixed

- Users getting 'NAN' error when working neighbour facilities fixed


Post Release Updates - Apr 2nd, 1:30PM EST

- New levels released

- Flower fixes:
a. Flowers should not go back to 'Ready to Harvest' after watered/irrigated
b. Better feedback message when trying to harvest a frozen flower in the last grown stage


Post Release Updates - Apr 2nd, 4:20PM EST

- Old Chicken coop restored

Known Issues related to this Release:

- None.