NEW RELEASE - 21st November 2014

22/11/2014 00:57

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last updates released on November 28th, 9:40PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Thanksgiving items (released 2 weeks ago)

2. 16 new decor items: 9 Fireworks in the fun category (6 in coins, 3 in FC), 6 sign items in coins (for rent, for sale, yard sale) and a Moon (FC)

3. 40 x 40 Farm Expansions for farms 16 - 20: 30 FarmCash OR 20,000,000,000 coins

4. Cooperative Quest Update  You can now start 1 Cooperative Quest in a 10 hour period, instead of 20 hours like it was before.

5. Ignoring and Reporting Improvements:

- You can now Ignore or Report users from inside the Message window using the red icons on the bottom right.
- You can now Ignore or Report users from the Online Chat window using the red icons on the top left of the chat window, this will allow you to ignore or report users even after they have left the room.
- If a user have been reported enough times on the past few months he will be penalized by not been able to send offline messages or chat messages to others for a period of time, the more times a user have been reported the longer he will be banned.
- Reporting users for no reason will get the reporting user banned from the game.

6. Tree Shaker 16 x 12: If you already own the Tree Shaker 12 x 12 then you can buy this new Tree Shaker to harvest up to 192 trees at once.

7. Reach product Belts and Dans for the next 10 facilities

8. Quest Chart Updates:

- There is a Show Quest button that shows recently completed quests and how long ago they were completed
- After a quest is redeemed you will see an animation on the chart counter and day where that quest was accounted for
- The Quest Chart information will only change when a quest is redeemed
- The Claim Farmcash button now shows how long until you qualify for the next collection

9. Gift Packer  Cut in half the waiting time to send another gift to a friend. Currently, after you have finished sending gifts to friends you have to wait 8 hours without sending anymore gifts to anyone to send them more gifts again. If you buy this tool, the waiting time will be only 4 hours.

To receive the benefits of this tool you have to add it to your Item Storage

10. Other Improvements:

- Bug Fix: When buying product X from seller that do not have enough in storage, the Buy button on that product was disabled on other Cooperative Quest Managers
- Bug fix: Game shifting down on low resolution screens
- Sometimes facilities in a farm do not appear in the Facility Manager, this issue is now autocorrected by just navigating to that farm

11. Dispatch 2 Locomotives of the same type at the same time: We launched this 3 weeks ago but we did not announce it on the official release so here it is in case you missed it. You can now dispatch 2 Locomotives of the same type at the same time, for instance, you can now have 2 Enhanced Freight Locomotives dispatched at the same time as long as they are dispatched on different farms, before you could only have one.

12. Disability Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Disability Supplies.

Shower Seat
Handicap Bathtub
Writing Bird
Wheelchair Ramp
Portable Shower Stall
Low Vision Cards

New Products in other facilities: Writing Bird Handle in the Glass Factory

13. Framing Factory (Coins): Produces Picture Frames.

Bamboo Frame
Silver Frame
Heart Frame
Multi Frame
Standard Frame
Golden Frame
Diploma Frame
Mosaic Frame

14. Personal Aid Shop (FC): Provides Disability Products Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Disability Supplies Factory

15. Framing Shop (Coins): Provides Picture Frames Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Framing Factory.



Post Release Updates - November 22nd, 1:20AM EST

- When selecting a tool and changing farms, the tool icon does not get smaller anymore
- Incorrect message 'Quest over 7 days old... ' appearing when completing regular quests is now gone
- Ignore and Report icons are now to the left in the Message Window

Post Release Updates - November 24th, 10:30PM EST

- The wait time for creating a new Cooperative Quest has been decreased from 20 hours to 10 hours
- Ignore and Report Abuse buttons now show tooltips when you mouse over them
- When you click on the message envelope on the top to show your offline messages, there is a green icon on the top left that will allow you to modify your Ignored User List, for example if you have ignored a user by mistake you can use this option to undo the ignore action. This is the same as navigating to the Account tab and clicking on the Blocked Users sub-tab.

Post Release Updates - November 25th, 11:40PM EST

- Gift Packer tool released, see details on the post above.
- When redeeming a regular quest the chart day animation and the accountability of the quest should fall under the correct date. If you still find issues please report them on this thread.

Post Release Updates - November 28th, 9:40PM EST

- Released 49 new holiday items, 12 as gifts and 37 in the store. Notice that all the new holiday items in the gift page and several in the store are meant to be placed on top of existing buildings and trees, this way you can achieve a superior level of customization.

Known Issues

- When sending gifts, the 'All Friends', 'Farm Town Players' and 'Friends to Invite' dropdown options are automatically provided by facebook and they have a bug now which is showing only a subset of friends, we are currently working on a workaround.