NEW RELEASE - 20th December 2014

22/12/2014 12:29

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last updates released on January 9th, 1:00AM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Christmas items (released 3 weeks ago)

2. 3 Winter Paths: Ice Path, Gray Ice Path, Snow Path and Shoe Prints in Snow, all in the winter category.

3. 5 Animals : Penguin, Panda, Polar Bear, Seal and White Tiger.

4. New Levels : 50 items all in coins.

5. 40 x 40 Farm Expansions for farms 21 - 24: 30 FarmCash OR 20,000,000,000 coins

6. Search feature in the Harvest and Item Storage: There is a Search icon in those windows to quickly find items, similar to the Search in the Facility Manager.

7. Log Truck with Chainsaw 16 x 12: If you already own the Log Truck 12 x 12 then you can buy this new Log Truck to harvest up to 192 trees at once.

8. Multi Planters can now be used for plants in your gift box: Just open your Gift Box and click the Multi button on flowers or trees.

9. Ingredient Planner Improvements: Ingredient Planner in the Facility Manager now shows Service Facilities information as well. You now have the option to select specific Service Facilities in the filter.

Also, when All Facilities is selected in the Ingredient Planner filter, the results will include ingredient numbers for all the facilities in the current view of the Facility Manager, which may include Regular Facilities, Service Facilities or both.

10. Red and Orange Gift Packers: Cut even more the waiting time to send another gift to a friend. If you own the Red one the waiting time will be 3 hours. If you also own the Orange one the waiting time will be 2 hours.

11. 'Store All' Improvements: Some hardcore users with lot of facilities were experiencing errors while doing a Store All operation, this should now be corrected.

12. Other Improvements (some launched a while ago):
- When sending gifts, the 'All Friends' subtab now shows the complete list of friends for each option: 'Farm Town Friends' and 'Friends to Invite'
- Account tab broken due to facebook bug, we just released a workaround for it
- Added Cooperative Quest entries to the Time manager
- Bug Fix: X025 errors when opening the Store for some users
- Bug Fix: Some users were not able to Cash Out in the Fruit Stand service facility
- Bug Fix: Ingredient Planner inside Facility Manager not showing correct numbers when filtering for specific facilities

13. Thyme Crop and Clove Tree used in the German Restaurant

14. German Restaurant (FC): Produces German Food.

Pickled Herring
Potato Salad
Pork Knuckle
Pork Bavarian
Pike Dumplings
Black Forest Cake

New Products in other facilities: Sauerkraut in the Food Preserve Factory.

The Chinese Noodles was renamed to Egg Noodles.

15. Flooring Tiles Factory (Coins): Produces Flooring Tiles.

Cork Tiles
Marble Tiles
Rubber Tiles
Terrazzo Tiles
Maple Planks
Bamboo Planks
Laminate Planks
Vinyl Planks

New Products in other facilities: Plywood Sheet in the Construction Materials Factory. Marble Rock in the Open-Pit Mine.

16. Bookstore (FC): Provides Bookseller Services and can be stocked with the following products:

Comic Book -> Produced in the Printing - Packaging Factory
Kid Book -> Produced in the Printing - Packaging Factory
Bookmark Set -> Produced in the Printing - Packaging Factory
Index Cards -> Produced in the Printing - Packaging Factory
Blueberry Muffin
Bacon Maple Bar
Iced Tea
Green Tea

17. Tile Outlet (Coins): Provides Tile Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Flooring Tiles Factory.

FYI, in the past we incorrectly used Clover instead of Clove as an ingredient for the recipes below, we will fix this in the next release:

Green-White Tea Blend (Tea Factory)
Spice Herbal Tea (Herbal Teas Factory)
Antitumoral Remedy (Animal Remedy Factory)
Lamb Biryani (Indian Restaurant)



Post Release Updates - December 22nd, 7:30AM EST

- The Red "Link FarmTown Account" button in the forum header is working again
- Support link at the bottom of the page is working again
- Item Storage was getting truncated for some users and looked like some items and tools were missing, this should now be solved for most users. No items were actually lost in this case.

Post Release Updates - December 22nd, 10:30PM EST

- All players should now be able to refuel as normal
- German Restaurant picture corrected in the Facility Manager

Post Release Updates - December 25th, 12:40AM EST

- New animals released, all in the Store.

Post Release Updates - December 30th, 6:00PM EST

- Bug Fix: Gift box sometimes shows empty even when it's full of gifts.

Post Release Updates - December 31th, 6:30PM EST

- 'Store All' final report now shows accurately the amount of products moved to storage. Notice that after a 'Store All' operation the 'Done:' counter will probably not go down to zero, because the 'Done:' counter also counts the stock that have been consumed in the Service Facilities, it should go to 0 or close to 0 when you hit the Cash Out button.

Post Release Updates - January 9th, 1:00AM EST

- New Levels Released.

Known Issues

- None