NEW RELEASE 1st September 2012

01/09/2012 12:57

Post Release Updates - Sep 1st, 1:40PM EST

- The bug with seeds dissapearing when scrolling is now solved but we still discovered some minor bugs on that area

Post Release Updates - Sep 1st, 2:45PM EST

- Seeds filtering/sorting should be solved now

Post Release Updates - Sep 6th, 2:30AM EST

- When changing the Seeds sort order (by harvest time, stored amount, etc) that sorting should not change randomly anymore

- Weird 'Seeds' and 'Realtor' filter words in Item Storage window Filter Dropdown removed

- When you are designing a farm for others realtime, if you have the freestyle tools that tool will also be shown in your toolbox, meaning you can select the green man walk tool to rotate items and then select the freestyle tool back from the toolbox to continue editing

- New Train Freight Cars are now live. Remember that when unloading the Cattle Car, the animals go directly to the item storage (not animal storage)

- The new people are now released in the new People category in the Store

- The Strawberry Icecream which was really a Bar in the Icecream Factory is now the Strawberry-Choco Bar

Post Release Updates - Sep 6th, 9:00PM EST

- The Mayor will now recognize the last 3 freight cars we launched to determine how many facilities to work, if you have at least 10 freight cars dispatched the mayor will do all facilities. THIS FIX WILL TAKE EFFECT AFTER 8 HOURS.

- Animals will not count anymore to determine the Usage of your item storage, meaning you can move any amount of animals to your item storage without using any slots, this also apply when unloading animals from the Cattle Freight Car to your item storage

- If you open the Train Manager and you see a message that you can't dispatch the train because you already have a train dispatched, that message will now include the farm you used to dispatch the previous train. To fix the issue and be able to dispatch a train again you need to first put a locomotive back on that farm and unload that previous dispatched train.

Known Issues

- None




Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:


1. 40 Regular (non Farming) People in the Store (coming on Monday)


2. Faster to work neighbour facilities:

If you have a train dispatched, the more diversified your train is (variety of its freight cars) the more the Mayor will help you when working neighbour facilities. The mayor will work 5% more facilities for each different freight car in your train, meaning, if you have at least 10 different freight cars dispatched the Mayor will do all the work for you.


3. Search Bar in the Store:

The Store and Realtor windows now have a Search Box in the top right that allows you to quickly type part of the title of an item and it will show you all items from all categories that match that partial word. For example, typing 3 will show you all the 3x3 tools. Typing yellow will show you all items with the word Yellow in the title.


4. New Freight Cars (coming on Monday):


Lumber Car: Brings you


Pine Lumber Piles,

Oak Lumber Piles,

Maple Lumber Piles

Ebony Lumber Piles



Bulkhead Car: Brings you

Stainless Steel Sheets,

Aluminum Sheets

Copper Sheets


Cattle Car: Brings you (usefull if you don't have enough by getting them as gifts)







5. Toy Trouble Minigame:

It's a Toy building minigame. As usual, you have 3 stages and you can go into Practice mode to play each of the stages and improve personal records or you have the option to play multiplayer with all your friends currently in the farm, in this case, the user who finish all the 3 stages first win.


The Goal of this minigame is to combine all same toy parts matching a particular color to build a complete toy and meet the Store demands.


6. Dispatching Trains with any Shape: 

 You can now build trains in all shape and forms with different turns using all available freight cars. ALL the coupled cars will now be dispatched along with the locomotive. They don't need to be in a straight line anymore.


7. Freestyle Farm Designer (FC):

There are now 2 tools for the hard core designers which will allow you to get very creative in your farms easily.


Orange Freestyle Farm Designer:

Allow Layering of Paths and Ponds. This tool upgrades your yellow hand Edit Tool and enables paths and water items to almost fully overlap other items.


Green Freestyle Farm Designer:

Allow Layering of All but Plants. If you already own the Orange Freestyle Farm Designer you can buy this Green Freestyle Farm Designer to allow any item except plants (fields/crops/tress/flowers) to almost fully overlap other items.


You can use these tools while designing on others farms as well.


8. Bug Fixes and Improvements:


- A week ago we released a verison that should experience much less flash plugin crashes

- Situations like been unable to dispatch a train (even if the train was unloaded but not dispatched again) should now be pretty much fixed. If you get this again you most likely dispatched a train from another farm. We will provide soon more information about current dispatched trains.

- When hidding decorations, people will be hidden as well

- Sometimes there were some empty boxes in the belt manager window, this should now be fixed

- This bug "...Since I dispatched the train, that farm is highlighted when neighbors work my faciities" is now fixed

- When you are collaborating with another player designing a farm together, you should now experience less hangs and crashes.

- you will be able to rotate trains and freight cars as well.


In the next release the owner may allow you to rotate farmcash items as well.


9. Playground Gear Factory (Coins): Produces Playground Gear.

Teeter Totter



Dome Jungle Gym

Rope Jungle Gym


Merry Go RoundTrampoline


10. French Restaurant (FC): Produces French Food.



Nicoise Salad


Coq au Vin

Beef Burgundy

Lamb-Pork Baeckeoffe

Banana-Strawberry Bites


New or Updated related products on other facilities:


Snails in the Semi Trailer Truck

Canned tuna production increased by 50%


11. Playground (Coins): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with

Teeter Totter



Dome Jungle Gym

Rope Jungle Gym


Merry Go RoundTrampoline


(All products from the Playground Gear Factory)


12. Day Care (FC): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:


Chicken Noodle Puree

Apple Squash Oatmeal Puree

Macaroni Beef and Veggies Puree

Nasal Aspirator Set

Feeding Bowl Set


Rocking Horse


New levels and Farm 16 in the next release.