NEW RELEASE - 19th January 2013

19/01/2013 13:48

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.

Last changes released at Feb 1st, 10:00PM EST


Hi There,


We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:


1. 11 New Valentine Items.


2. 32 x 32 Farm Expansions for farms 11 - 14:


Here are the prices -> 4,000,000,000 Coins or 30 FarmCash.


3. Employers and Employee Bonus Improvements:


If an Employee is working on the Employers farm and they are both receiving bonuses, anyone of them can hire or re-hire the other for any type of work and they will continue receiving bonuses.


4. Homeward Hazards Minigame (Coming Next Week):


As usual, you have 3 stages and you can go into Practice mode to play each of the stages and improve personal records or you have the option to play multiplayer with all your friends currently in the farm, in this case, the user who finish all the 3 stages first win.


The Goal of this minigame is to transport supplies from the Store to the Farm as quickly as possible.


5. Flower Harvester 12 x 8 (FC):

If you already own the Flower Harvester 8 x 8, then you can buy this new Flower Harvester to harvest faster, up to 96 at a time. 


6. Time Manager - The following timing information was added:


- Receive Ingredients

- Buy Products from Others

- Next Quest

- Next Quest to Expire

- Fertilize Farms (Per-Farm tab)

- Irrigate Farms (Per-Farm tab)


More info is shown in a Tooltip when you mouseover the checkmarks.


In the future we will continue providing more timing information like Train Arrivals info and when you are due again to receive minigames rewards.


7. Animal Buildings Next Harvest Time shown in Facility Manager:

If an animal building in the Facility Manager is not ready to be harvested at the time you will see a message showing how much time is left for it to be ready, ex: 'Ready in 10 hrs'.


8. Multifarm Manure Spreader:

If you already own the Orange Manure Spreader, then you can buy this new Green Manure Spreader to fertilize all your farms at once. As expected, only farms that are not fertilized at the time will be fertilized. Farms that are not fertilized and that do not contain any plants at the time will be fertilized as well.


This Green Manure Spreader will replace your Orange Manure Spreader in the tool box. Also, all Manure Spreaders will Fertilize All farms once you upgrade to the Green One. 


9. Dim Out non-relevant items preference Improvement:

Below this preference in the Preference Window you can now choose if you want the non-relevant items DIMMED or completely HIDDEN.


10. New White Beans Crop and Octopus Fish in the Small Sea Coast.


11. Animal Sports Supplies Factory (Coins):

 Produces Animal Sports Supplies. 

Arena Drag

Horse Number Pad

Finish Line

Arena Booth Entrance


Jumping Obstacle


Bull Rope

Rope Wire Brush

Roping Dummy


Riding Helmet



12. Spanish Restaurant (FC):

Produces Spanish Food. 


Fabada Asturiana

Garlic Shrimps

Octopus a la Gallega

Spanish Tortilla

Cod a la Brasa

Seafood Paella

Crema Catalana 

New products on other facilities:





13. Hippodrome (coins):

This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:


Fish Burger

Onion Pizza

Horse Racing Trophy

Arena Drag

Horse Number Pad

Finish Line

Arena Booth Entrance


Jumping Obstacle


New products on other facilities:


Trophy Factory

Horse Racing Trophy


14. Rodeo (FC):

This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:


Smoked Salmon and Chips

Baby Back Ribs


Bull Rope

Rope Wire Brush

Roping Dummy


Riding Helmet






Post Release Updates - Jan 23rd, 1:00AM EST:

- New Homeward Hazards Minigame is now live

- Users that have bought the Green Manure Spreader and can't use it should be able to use it now

- Animal buildings timing in facility manager has been fixed

- After you sell all the Animal Buildings incorrectly shown in your harvest storage, there should be no more of them in the storage anymore in the future

- Animal building looking like facilities bug is now fixed

- "Utilization" filter in facility manager fixed

- In the Time Manager, per-farm tab, farms are now showing in the same order as your farm selector

- People who don't even have the Green Manure Spreader sometimes saw all their farms fertilized in the farm selector, although they were really not fertilized. This was a bug and should now be fixed.


Post Release Updates - Jan 31st, 9:00PM EST:

- Sorting by Done and Utilization in Facility Manager still had some bugs with the animal buildings, this should be fixed now.

- Top counters like Pending and Done in Facility Manager were sometimes incorrect due to the animal buildings, this should be fixed now.

- Time to harvest for animal buildings in Facility Manager now should show exactly the same number as the Animal Building in the farm, ex: 19.9 hours.


Post Release Updates - Feb 1st, 10:00PM EST:

- Fixed other pending bugs with Animal Timing in Facility Manager for some users. If you don't see the correct time, it should be corrected the next time you harvest that particular building.

- Animal buildings in Facility Manager are shown again when you use the 'Active Facilities on all farms' filter.


Known Issues:

- None