NEW RELEASE - 18th September 2014

19/09/2014 10:47

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last updates released on October 3rd, 9:00PM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. 25 New levels: Top level is now 575.

2. 40 x 40 Farm Expansions for farms 11 - 15: 30 FarmCash OR 20,000,000,000 coins

3. Cooperative Quests (coming next week): This new type of quests will be all about interacting with your friends, this is how it works:

- They will be completely separate from the current quests and will have it's own Cooperative Quest Manager
- Owner must complete the last quest step by itself by starting/loading products in a facility, and complete the rest of the steps by buying products from friends either actively or passively
- To buy products actively a user must open a friend's Cooperative Quest Manager and look for quest steps with a Buy button
- To buy products passively a user can ask friends to sell them products by dragging a Help icon to the desired quest step, so when friends visit and open your Cooperative Quest Manager they know where help is needed and can sell you the products

***Additional Info***

- The owner can request help from friends only on a certain number of steps per quest
- When a friend sells you products and help you complete a quest step you will see his picture inside that quest step
- You can open your friends Cooperative Quest Manager from your neighbour bar or through a quest icon shown at the bottom left when you visit their farms and they have unfinished cooperative quests
- In the first release the rewards will be only coins until we fine tune the system, later on we will offer Farm Cash prizes as well

4. Super Rabbit Hutch and Super Stables: Double Capacity. Increase 2 times harvest speed for Rabbits and 6 times for Horses.

5. Production increases, see % increase below for each product:

Petrochemical Barrel ---------> 65%
Oak Lumber Pile --------------> 50%
Maple Lumber Pile ------------> 50%
Pine Lumber Pile --------------> 50%
Kaolin Clay Rock --------------> 50%
Iron Ore -----------------------> 50%
Copper Ore --------------------> 35%
Aluminum Ore ----------------> 50%
Pile of Silver Nuggets ---------> 50%
Rubber Sheet -----------------> 50%
Canvas Textile Roll -----------> 20%
Silk Textile Roll ---------------> 20%
Sheep Textile Roll -------------> 40%
Llama Textile Roll -------------> 40%
Paper Roll --------------------> 50%
Chicken -----------------------> 50%
Meat --------------------------> 50%
Hotdog Sausage --------------> 25%
Asphalt Barrel ----------------> 100%)

6. Laundry Supplies Factory (FC): Laundry Supplies Factory.

Coin Acceptor
Clothe Hanger
Fill Hose
Laundry Sorting Desk
Laundry Seats
Laundry Scale
Laundry Detergent
Laundry Cart

7. Tropical Shakes Stand (Coins): Produces Tropical Shakes.

Papaya Shake
Guava Shake
Mamey Shake
Coconut Shake
Honeydew Blended Shake
Banana Blended Shake
Mango Blended Shake
Super Blended Shake

8. Coin Laundry (FC): Provides Laundry Self-Services and can be stocked with products from the Laundry Supplies Factory.

9. Bowling Alley (Coins): Provides Bowling Entertainment Services and can be stocked with the products below:

Bowling Ball --> (NEW) produced in the Sports Accessories Factory
Bowling Ball Return --> (NEW) produced in the Sports Accessories Factory
Retro Bowling Poster --> (NEW) produced in the Sports Accessories Factory
Bowling Pins --> production was increased to accommodate the demand for an additional service facility
Hawaiian Pizza
Chicken Hot Hard Taco
Instant Hot Chocolate
Honey Icecream



Post Release Updates - September 19th, 12:10AM EST

- The Super Stables and Super Rabbit Hutch now appear in the Facility Manager

Post Release Updates - September 20th, 3:00AM EST EST

- Production increases for several products, see post above for detailed information

Post Release Updates - September 26th, 1:00AM EST

Cooperative Quests changes:

-To help on the initial phase we increased the expiration time for all Cooperative Quests by 3 days, this applies only to newly created quests, this may go down or up again in the future
-To help on the initial phase we increased the Buy limit per single quest from 1 to unlimited, this number may go down again in the future
-We now show how many coins were spent or earned when buying and selling products to friends
-Show explanation with the meaning of the blue dot when someone opens a neighbour Quest Manager that doesn't have any active quests
-Fixed bug that was showing null in some Cooperative Quest Managers

Post Release Updates - September 29th, 8:00PM EST

Cooperative Quests changes released a few hours ago:

- When you open a Cooperative Quest Manager for a neighbour you can move to the next or previous neighbour with active Cooperative Quests using the arrows at the bottom
- Only steps where there is something to do like Buy or Sell are highlighted the rest are dimmed

Post Release Updates - October 1st, 1:00AM EST

- You can now buy (not sell) products from strangers and not just friend or neighbours. You can open a stranger Cooperative Quest Manager when you visit the farm or through his avatar menu. The only difference is that when you buy from them you will be paying 100 times more coins compared to buying from a friend or neighbour, ie: if you have 2 quests requiring 1 product X each and the sale price of product X is 300, when you buy from a stranger the transaction will cost you 2 * 300 * 100 = 60000 coins instead of 600.
- You can open your own Cooperative Quest Manager when visiting other players farms using the blue Quest Manager icon in your toolbox.
- Bigger prize when completing a Cooperative Quest, double the coins. Farmcash prizes coming in a future release, they will be equivalent to Regular Quest Farmcash prizes, meaning you will be able to earn from 1 to 8 farm cash a month however the requirements for collection may be different.
- If you use a help note to ask for help on a step requiring product X and then went to check your friends Cooperative Quests and found a product X and buy it, your help note on product X will be released and available to use on another step.
- "Order by Cooperative Quests" option added to the neighbour bar menu
- The Collect Coins button is now hidden on other people Cooperative Quests for finished quests
- The message "Only neighbours with a blue dot in the right corner..." is now only shown when trying to open a Cooperative Quest Manager form the neighbour bar

Post Release Updates - October 1st, 3:00PM EST

- The Cooperative Quests are not counting anymore towards the goal for the Regular Quests
- Disabled the green highlight of the quest steps when browsing others Cooperative Quests

Post Release Updates - October 2nd, 3:00AM EST

- Halloween items are now live including 13 new items in the store.

Post Release Updates - October 3rd, 9:00PM EST

- You should now experience way less X025 errors
- When you buy products from others in the Cooperative Quests you actually get the products bought in your storage.

Known Issues

- "This transaction could not be completed" error message showing sometimes when trying to sell or buy products, if anyone is experiencing this consistently with a particular user please report it on this thread.