NEW RELEASE - 17th July 2014

15/07/2014 17:57

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.

Last changes released on July 22nd, 5:00PM EST.


Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Accept/Exchange/Return All gifts at once: There is a new section at the top of the My Request page that will allow you to accept all gifts at once. Optionally before accepting all the gifts you will be able to exchange them all by a specific gift.

Also, after accepting all the gifts you will be able to select one gift and send it back to the friends who sent you the gifts.

2. 40 x 40 Farm Expansions for farms 1 - 5: 30 FarmCash OR 20,000,000,000 coins

3. Quest Summary icon in top left corner: When the icon is gray it means you can't start new quests, when is normal it means you can start new quests. It will also show information about your quests like how many are expired and ready to redeem. Mouse over it to see an expanded explanation.

4. 12 x 12 tools: Harvester, Plower and Harvest-Plow Combine are now available in 12x12 mode, this will allow you to perform farming operations over 144 fields at a time.

5. Color change for 2 x 2 tools: In a couple of days the color of the Harvester 2 x 2 and Seeder 2 x 2 will be dark green, same as the Plower 2 x 2, this will free up 2 colors for future larger tools. This will change the color in the ToolBox, Store and in the Farm as well.

6. Facility Manager Start All improvements: Users with lots of facilities should not experience anymore timeouts when doing a Start All operation in the facility manager. Also, there will be a progress bar for additional feedback.

7. General Improvements and bug fixes:

a) You can now change your Farm Name when having only one farm
b) Users using Spanish language can now see the Date field of offline messages
c) Some users were having issues when adding items to the Item Storage, backend database space increased
d) Some users were not able to see certain products in storage after harvesting or producing them, this is now fixed
e) Sometimes you were able to hit Start All on facilities with 100% Utilization in the Facility Manager, this should not happen anymore
f) Added quest information to moderators tool

8. Kale crop used in the Healthy Juice Stand Facility.

9. Pool Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Swimming Pool Supplies.

Pool Ladder
Rescue Hook
Chemical Dispenser
Skimmer Basket
Pool Eyeballs
Algea Brush
Pool Cleaner
Life Saver

10. Healthy Juice Stand (Coins): Produces Healthy Juices.

Acai Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Kale Me Juice
Belly Buster Juice
Fatigue Fighter Juice
Heart Beet Juice
Ginger Reboot Juice
Doctor Detox Juice

11. The Pool Shop (FC): Provides Pool Supplies Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Pool Supplies Factory.

12. Fruit Stand (Coins): Provides Fruit Market Services and can be stocked with these products:

Orange Marmalade
Peach Slices
Star Fruit
Lychee Tree

We just started an expansion of the Quest System that will involve the help of your neighbours and most likely also grant some FarmCash to players, we hope we can release at least a first version on our next release.



Post Release Updates - July 16th, 2:30AM EST

- Accept/Exchange All gifts at once should now be working for all users.
- Quest icon is now showing when visiting others as before.
- Plower 12 x 12 footprint size issue fixed.
- When using Harvest All in Facility Manager, the Manure from the Pigs will not go into the harvest storage anymore, only to the Manure Spreader.

Post Release Updates - July 17th, 11:00PM EST

- Top Level bar is shown full again for top level users
- Removed some Neighbour Posts from the Farmtown Wall Requests section
- Top left icons are now better accommodated in full screen so they be less in the way
- The Harvester 2 x 2 and Seeder 2 x 2 are now dark green, in the toolbox, store and farm

Post Release Updates - July 21st, 8:00PM EST

- More fixes to corrupted storage and item storage, products that didn't appear before should appear now
- Sometimes when selling non-ingredients in the Market negative numbers were showing in the confirmation message summary, this is now fixed
- Fixed an issue when working on your neighbour "Public Restrooms" service facility

Post Release Updates - July 22nd, 5:00PM EST

- We fixed some bugs in the Quest Chart, in the Quest Manager.

Known Issues:

- None