NEW RELEASE - 14th March 2014

14/03/2014 12:06

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.

Last changes released at April 2nd, 12:30AM EST.


Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. 6 new St Patrick's Items

2. 25 New Levels (coming in about 2 weeks): Top level will be 525. After level 500 we will not show level names anymore.

3. 38 x 38 Farm Expansions for farms 11 - 20: 30 FarmCash OR 20,000,000,000 coins

4. More Mayor Help when working neighbours facilities:

a) If you have 2 or more trains dispatched with 10 freight cars on each train the Mayor will complete all farms for you without you needing to navigate to each farm
b) If you do not meet the requirement in a) then the Mayor will still help you with 25 - 40% of the workable farms only when there are at least 3 workable farms

5. Hiring Improvements:

a) Employers now have the option to share their fuel with their employees. Employees fuel will always be used first if available, when they run out of fuel employers fuel will be used at that point.
b) The 2 x 1 Harvester and Seeder were still consuming fuel despite a change we did a few weeks ago, they shouldn't anymore, this should help new users work faster when hired

6. Tower Crane (FC): This tool will allow you to add items to your Item Storage in bulk, by type or category similar to the Excavator.

7. The Excavator tool now works with animals as well

8. Earn Farm Cash while completing Quests (coming in a few days): We are still deciding the rules and requirements.

9. Automated new level rewards: When users reach a new level instead of a message box mentioning the unlocked items we will show a modified version of the Store with all the unlocked items in that level as well as the new items you can send as gifts to friends.

We also added a new 'Current Level Only' filter in the Store that will only show the items unlocked at your current level, categories with no items unlocked will be disabled.

10. General Improvements and bug fixes, some of them were launched a couple of weeks ago:

a) When boosting friend trains you can now select friends from 3 lists: My Neighbours, Farmers Helping Me and Farmtown Players
b) When unloading and dispatching a train, the 'Boost Train!' button shows up right away without you having to re-open the Train Manager
c) The Add Neighbour functionality from the main game neighbour bar was not working for some users
d) When Rotating items, if the new rotated view was placed in the same position that the item was before the rotate operation did not work. This happened with the Switch Views as well. This error was very likely to show up when rotating train freight cars and locomotives which are likely to be placed on the same position when rotated
e) When loading the game, if there was a belt bonus pending you got the Message Box but a click in the green tick to post did nothing, this should now be fixed

11. Production Increases: We duplicated the output of the Food Flavoring Factory and the Food Coloring Factory so you can still fill up your Fancy Food Show service facility and have enough to produce the Syrups in the new Syrup Factory.

12. Syrup Factory (FC): Produces Syrups.

Lemon Syrup
Orange Syrup
Mint Syrup
Vanilla Syrup
Strawberry Syrup
Cherry Syrup
Pineapple Syrup
Coconut Syrup

New Products in other facilities: Strawberry, Cherry, Pineapple and Coconut Extracts in the Food Flavoring Factory.

13. Frozen Treats Factory (Coins): Produces Frozen Treats.

Cherry Freeze Pop
Orange Freeze Pop
Fusion Freeze Pop
Grape Popsicle
Watermelon Popsicle
Fusion Popsicle
Fusion-3 Popsicle

14. Shaved Ice Cart (FC): Produces Shaved Ice.

Cherry Snow Cone
Strawberry Snow Cone
Sour Rainbow
Lava Rainbow
Rockin Rainbow
Hula Rainbow
Tropical Rainbow
Breeze Rainbow

15. Lunch Truck (Coins): Provides Food Transport and Selling Services and can be stocked with the following products:

Gyros Sandwich
White pizza
Instant Rice
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Instant Mushroom Noodles
Pancakes and Bacon
Grape Popsicle
Watermelon Popsicle
Fusion Popsicle
Fusion-3 Popsicle



Post Release Updates - March 14th, 6:55PM EST

- The mayor help feature is not working as expected, among other things, it is currently working all facilities (service, factories and non-workable) at once, it is supposed to only work on the one type you were hired for, as it has always been.

Post Release Updates - March 14th, 10:45PM EST

- The mayor should now work only the facilities that it's supposed to work, the ones you were hired for. If you continue seeing the 'Oops you already worked...." message please report it on this thread.

- The mayor was also incorrectly working the animal buildings, which had the side effect of having wrong harvest dates on the facility manager for some animal buildings. You may have also end up with some animal buildings on your harvest storage, if this is the case please report it here. You can just sell those buildings.

Post Release Updates - March 15th, 4:00AM EST

- Just some more information on the 2 issues above. We decided to not change the color of the farms that the mayor work from blue to green just in case you still want to navigate to them to do the Service Facilities manually (assuming you were hired to work the regular facilities). You can share your feedback if you see any issues with this approach.

- The animal building harvest dates in the facility manager will not be fixed immediately, you will have to wait until you harvest them again

Post Release Updates - March 19th, 5:00AM EST

- After many hours trying to find a workaround for the friend request issues in IE and Firefox, Facebook finally released a fix today or reverted back what they did before, we will continue monitoring.

- The sharing employers fuel is now working when employees use the harvest-plow combines

Post Release Updates - March 19th, 10:37PM EST

- Fixed the "Oops ..." message when mayor working facilities
- When working facilities, farms worked by the mayor are now colored dark blue. As usual, farms worked by you will be dark green and pending farms to be worked, light blue
- When employees select a tool that require fuel the fuel icon will be shown on the top left corner
- When leveling up, you will not lose your context after checking the unlocked items, ex: if you were planting you will be able to continue planting immediately, same tool, same seeds, etc.
- More information provided in the scenario where you click on a facility post and when you land in the farm
you are not actually hired and can't work the facilities

Post Release Updates - March 20th, 4:00AM EST

- Fixed more issues related to Mayor working facilities

Post Release Updates - March 24th, 7:50PM EST

- You can now earn FarmCash while completing quests, see full details in the main post, above.

Post Release Updates - March 24th, 10:10PM EST

- I forgot to mention about a fix in my previous post. When you landed on a farm to work friends facilities sometime you were unable to work because the game incorrectly said you have to be friend with the owner of the farm (you really were friends), this error may still not be fixed 100% but it should be very rare now.

Post Release Updates - March 26th, 2:10AM EST

- We released a fix that should help with people getting the 'I just sent 0 products to your storage!' message from the Mayor even when the facilities had productions going at the time. Please report if this is not the case, or if the 'You have to be friends...' message returns for some reason.

- Quests buttons are now named 'Collect Coins' and 'Collect FarmCash' for easier understanding

Post Release Updates - March 26th, 2:30PM EST

- You can buy again giftable flowers on the Store
- All users that haven't collected the FarmCash for completing quests should at least see now the 'Quests completed in the last 7 days' message along with the 'Collect FarmCash' button in black (or in blue if the collection is already available)

Post Release Updates - April 1st, 7:00AM EST

- New levels launched, remember, after level 500 we will not show level names anymore.
- Easter items, 3 as gifts, 5 in the top section and 10 in the bottom section of the Store Easter category.

Post Release Updates - April 2nd, 12:30AM EST

- Rice Barn is now available for purchase (decor building, level 513)
- A new Easter Garden item at the bottom of the Easter category

Known Issues:

- Some facebook responses are currently failing and causing the 'You have to be friends...' message to show up incorrectly sometimes when working neighbour facilities