New Release - 13th November 2015

13/11/2015 13:56

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.

Last updates released on December 1st, 1:20AM.

Hi There,


We just released a new version of the game with the following new features and bug fixes: 


1. 10 Thanks Giving Decorations.


2. Next 5 expansions for Farm 28: See prices below:


24x24 - 12,000,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash

26x26 - 12,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash

28x28 - 13,000,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash

30x30 - 13,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash

32x32 - 14,000,000,000 coins or 30 FarmCash


3. 'Show User Info' show which of your farms have workers: This button is located next to the 'Show Work Info' button in the hiring window, you can click on it as often as you want and it will show several circles on top of each farm button. Each circle represents a user and here is the legend:


a) A solid dark blue circle means a user which is working and connected

b) A solid light blue circle means a user which is working but is not connected, is offline

c) An empty circle means a user which is idle, it has not performed any work on the last minute, but is still connected


The 'Show User Info' is also available when you click the 'Show Names' button on top of the Farm Selector.


4. 'Show Work Info' now available in the 'Show Names' window: This will allow you to have a quick look at which of your farms have work available if you prefer to work solo. Due to the amount of back end resources that this operation consumes, you can only refresh this information once every 20 minutes when you are showing it from the 'Show Names' window.


5. Long Fish Car: It will deliver Salmon, Tuna, Lobster, Squid, Cod, Grouper, Crab, Catfish, Tilapia and Octopus. Notice this freight car is not intended to replace the lakes and sea coasts but sometimes is could be more usefull depending on your needs and situation. For example it brings fish from all kind of water items, the Salmon from the Farm Cash lake, fish from the Fasm Cash Big Sea Coasts, and also deliver Crab, Catfish, Tilapia and Octopus in a combined amount equivalent of a 30x30 farm dedicated only for rivers and small seacoasts, this could free up space for other things. It can do this as often as 2 days, without the need of you harvesting the water items every day or sometimes twice a day.

Note: On November 17th, 6:25PM we increased the output of this car in 130% (more than double), this was mainly because initially we didn't account for the extra benefits of the baits when fishing, so we increased this Car output to be more in balance with the water items.


6. Long Animal Products Car: It will deliver Cow Milk, Hen Eggs, Turkey Feathers, Horse Hair, Sheep Wool, Llama Wool and White Rabbit Fur. Same as above, sometimes this freight car may be more usefull than buying the animals Super Buildings.

Note: On November 17th, 6:25PM we increased the output of this car in 27%


7. Changes and Performance Optimizations required due to a change in the Adobe Flash Player plugin:


- Farmtown Development Environment migrated to the latest version

- General game optimizations like faster dragging of bigger farms

- Faster farming operations like chopping trees and harvesting trees and flowers

- Multiplanter do not show progress bars or transparency on the planted items, this makes it easy to correctly plant the next set ot items

- Fixed visibility issues like green patches when farming and items getting hidden when moved from storage to farms


8. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:


- Workaround due to facebook changes that broke the 'Show Farmtown Wall Request' option

- When working facilities on Super Neighbour farms, sometimes the Mayor didn't perform the work correclty if that Super Neighbour has granted you the design permission and allowing you to buy items with their coins

- When a Super Neighbour plant for you that action will now be shown on the user action list at the bottom of the game

- Sometimes Trees were being chopped and harvested even though they were hidden

- When hiring for trees in a single job, if none are ready on the selected farm, a warning message will be shown, same as it was occurring already for harvesting and fishing.


9. Pediatric Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Pediatric Supplies.

Reflex Hammer
Ear Syringe
Height Chart
Pediatric Table Paper
Stethoscope Cover
Room Decal Kit
Exam Table
Blood Pressure Kit

10. Antique Replica Factory (Coins): Produces Antique Replicas.

Aztec Calendar
Ancient Coin
Roman Head
Polynesian Canoe
Native Indian Shack
Stone Age Knife
Egyptian Cat
Egyptian Doll

11. Scandinavian Restaurant (FC): Coming later next week.

12. Natural History Museum (Coins): Provides Cultural Objects Display Services and can be stocked with products from the Antique Replica Factory.





Post-Release Updates - November 13th, 10:30PM

- BugFix: Inaccuracies in the 'Show User Info' feature in the Show Names and Hiring Windows
- BugFix: When working neighbour facilities the Mayor was not working all the farms if you have 2 fully diversified trains containing fish or animal products cars on them
- When visiting neighbours the quests to rake and water the farms were not appearing

Post-Release Updates - November 14th, 6:10AM

- Released 3 Facilities.

Post-Release Updates - November 16th, 10:00PM

- BugFix: Farmcash clothing prices showing $0 instead of $20 in the Avatar Store.
- BugFix: Sometimes symbols or non english characters were not showing correctly in gift box sender names, farm names, user/avatar names, message texts, etc
- When you click on the Produce Faster button to post facilities, there is a new checkbox named "Show on Farmtown Wall Requests".

If it's checked the post will be visible to all friends in their 'Farmtown Wall Requests' even if you choose "Only Me" in the facebook post screen that comes right after.

If it's unchecked the post will *not* be visible to *any* friends in their 'Farmtown Wall Requests' even if you choose "Public" in the facebook post screen that comes right after.

We know this is not the ideal solution but is the best we can do now after facebook latest changes.

Post-Release Updates - November 17th, 4:00PM

- BugFix: Posts for bonuses and ingredients were not appearing on the ''Farmtown Wall Requests'. From now on, they will start to appear again, notice that they will always appear, even if you choose "Only Me" in the facebook post screen.

Post-Release Updates - November 17th, 6:25PM

- Increased total output of the Long Fish Car by 130% (more than double) and the Long Animal Products Car by 27%. See main announcement post for more details.

Post-Release Updates - November 21st, 1:00AM

We just released another batch of improvements and bug fixes as part of the next release, see all the details below:

- Farm Loading optimizations, farms should in general load up to 25% faster. This is assuming that most of your game items are cached by your browser. A note on this, clearing your browser cache should be done only when necessary, for example, when Farmtown doesn't load correctly or extreme cases like that, usually it is not needed, and the downside is that every time you clear your browser cache you have to reload all the items to your computer which takes time, specially on slower connections, and every time you visit farms with items that are not cached you will have to wait extra time. Clearing memcache is fine and doesn't have any downsides, memcache is cleared automatically after 3 hours of inactivity.

- Better progress indicators, you will now see a more uniform progress indicator as your items are being downloaded and as your farm is being rendered for display.
- When planting using the Combine Harvest-Plant, you can change seeds by opening the store directly, you do not need to perform the extra step of re-selecting your combine again on your toolbox.
- Flags for Bahamas, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are now showing correctly.
- There is now one more line in the chat history, for a total of 6 lines.
- When working as a Super Neighbour, we removed the "Would you like to go home?" confirmation message when you click on the Home icon.
- When clicking the blue disk on top to save changes, we replaced the confirmation message by a non intrusive fading message.

- BugFix: When using the Multiplanters sometimes the recently planted items disappeared and appeared randomly.
- BugFix: When using the manure spreaders and sprinklers, sometimes an "[object]" message was shown instead of the correct message.
- BugFix: On full screen, all tool tips in main panel and tool box were showing in the wrong position.
- BugFix: When sending gifts to friends, an arrow was showing on top of the selected gifts even if it was not an animal.
- BugFix: Unable to unload a train due to no fuel available.
- BugFix: When using the sprinklers manually going farm to farm, sometimes the sprinkler got stuck and you were not able to change tools.
- BugFix: When selecting a gift to send to your friends, you can now use the "Proceed to Send" button at the bottom and the next screen will automatically scroll to the top.
- BugFix: When working as a Super Neighbour with the "design/allow selling with my coins" permission granted, the buy one/multiple options are now available again.
- BugFix: Clicking on the "Multi" button in Item Storage/Giftbox sometimes triggered the Single Use instead of the Multiplanter functionality.
- BugFix: When visiting strangers, the size of their farms were incorrect.

Post-Release Updates - November 24th, 1:00AM

- Released the Scandinavian Restaurant.

Post-Release Updates - November 25th, 4:00PM

- At about 3:00PM EST there was a mayor Denial Of Service attack on our hosting company that caused some disruptions in the game, everything should be back to normal now.

Post-Release Updates - December 1st, 1:20AM

- Last Year's Holiday Items
- Buying trees from the store now works like buying flowers, you can keep buying the same tree repeatedly without re-opening the store or using the Buy Multiple option in the item menu

- More consistency and optimizations for farming tools:
a) Remove progress bars from seeder, combines and plower
b) When plowing new fields on the grass there is no transparency and the real fields appears quickly
c) The operation of the harvester now works the same as the combines, plower and seeder, in the way that your mouse don't have to be on top of a ready to harvest item to harvest the next set of items
d) The operation of the chainsaw now works the same as the tree shaker and the flower harvester in the way that your mouse don't have to be on top of a ready to chop item to chop the next set of items
e) More optimizations when using the combines

Known Issues

- Some users are experiencing issues when sending gifts or boosting trains using Internet Explorer or Edge browsers. We have created a bug report with facebook and we are awaiting response from them.