NEW RELEASE - 11 July 2013

14/07/2013 10:54

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Changes at the end of this post.
Last changes released at July 13th, 2:00AM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. All Topiaries are now in coins. Father's Day items moved to the Other, Fun and Furniture categories.

2. 34 x 34 Farm Expansions for farms 11 - 15: 30 FarmCash OR

Farm 11 Expansion: 6000,000,000
Farm 12 Expansion: 7000,000,000
Farm 13 Expansion: 8000,000,000
Farm 14 Expansion: 9000,000,000
Farm 15 Expansion: 9000,000,000

3. Search in Facility Manager: There is a new Search icon in the Facility Manager to make it easier to locate facilities if you have a lot of them, notice that in this case the search is not a filter, it doesn't hide anything, it just position the facility you are searching for in the viewing area.

You can use the UP and Down keys to jump to the next facility matching the search pattern.

4. Tools Shortcut Improvements: The panning tool (the one with the 4 arrows), the plow and the harvest tool can now be replaced by any tool in the extended tool box. For example, you can now have the higher harvest tool, the plow combine and the sow combine in the main panel as well.

Notice that the panning tool and the original plow and harvest tool are shown in the first row of the Shortcut Manager window in case you want them back.

5. Turbo Tools for Regular Facilities: The new Turbo tools 'Turbo Belt Dryer' and 'Turbo Loader' allows you to Start Products in multiple Drying Facilities and Facilities handling heavy loads with one click. To use these tools use the 'Start All' button in the Facility Manager.

Click the Tool help icon in the Store (?) to check what facilities are operated with these new tools.

6. Ingredient Planner: This will help you understand better the ingredient consumption in a facility, for example, if you click the new green help icon (?) inside a facility the planner will show you all the ingredients and quantities that are required to fill up to capacity (15 days of production) that facility.

The first number shown under the ingredient is the amount needed to fill up to capacity the facility. If there is a red number next to it, it means you don't have enough in storage and you will need that other amount to fill up the facility.

If you mouse over the ingredient icon it will show you the name and the amount stored for that ingredient.

When you click the help icon for a facility in the Store or the Facility Manager the default view will appear, but you can access the Ingredient Planner by the link on the top.

In the future we will add more functionality to this screen, so you can select a specific product or certain time frames like 1, 7 or 15 days, or even a time frame that is equivalent to the current capacity available.

7. Better Storage Management: In the previous release we added the capability to sort by "Ingredient Importance" in the Storage and Market windows, however the Importance for a particular ingredient was calculated based on all available facilities in the game, not only those that you owned, so for example, if you do not own any of the restaurants the Flour will still appear high in the list.

There is a new sorting now named "Ingredient Importance (for me)" that will take into account the facilities that you currently own, so in this case, if you do not own any of the restaurants, the Flour will appear lower in the list and you will see in the top of the list only the ingredients that are more important to the facilities that you already own.

8. Farm Selector Improvements: There is a new button in the top row of the Farm Selector named 'Show Names' which will show you a bigger screen with all the farm names to make the farm switching experience easier and faster.

9. Offline Messages System Improvements: The Message List window is now bigger and it shows the Facebook first name along with the avatar name, and also a preview of the message. If you want to know the date of the message it is now shown in the detailed message window along with the full message body.

10. Other Improvements and bug fixes:

- When you sort by 'Utilization' or 'Done' in the facility Manager we now apply an additional sub-sorting by 'Alphabetical' and 'Farm Number' so all the same facilities appear grouped together
- When switching farms in full screen mode the target farm now remains in the same position on the screen, not shifted to the bottom right
- Before this release when visiting others you would never see more than 300 animals in a farm, now those first 300 animals are more spread through out the farm, not only the top part of the farm
- When a Batch can't be started in a facility instead of showing +0 inside the button we just remove the button

11. Film Making Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Film Making Supplies.

Fake Moustaches
Western Cart
Director Chair
Viking Armor
Cinema Roll
Pirate Flag
Mechanical Shark

New Products in other facilities: Gelatin in the Semi-Trailer Truck

12. Interior Design Decor Factory (Coins): Produces Interior Design Decorations.

Plant Decor
Fish Tail Decor
Room Divider
Sofa Cushion
Antique Centerpiece
Candle with Holder
Fire Logs Holder
Exotic Chair

New Products in other facilities: Glass Bowl in the Glass Factory

13. Movie Studio (FC): Provides Film Making Services and can be stocked with all products from the Film Making Supplies Factory.

14. Home Decor Store (Coins): Provides Interior Design Retail Services and can be stocked with all products from the Interior Design Decor Factory.



Post Release Updates - July 12th, 2:30PM EST

- Turbo Loader is now fixed and should be visible on farms.

Post Release Updates - July 13th, 2:00AM EST

- If you have some of the Facility Tools, then the "Ingredient Importance (for me)" sorting now takes into account only the products that are currently enabled in the facility. So for example, if you own lot of facilities that can make products with Flour, but inside those facilities you disable (clear checkbox) those products requiring Flour because you are not interested in making them, then the Flour will be less important.

Known Issues:

- Some users are having issue moving tools to the spot currently occupied by the harvest and plower tools, the yellow square starts blinking constantly. For those users experiencing this, please report the version of the OS, browser and if possible the Flash player they are using.