NEW RELEASE - 10th April 2015

11/04/2015 13:03

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post.
Last info posted on April 11th, 7:00AM EST.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. 8 Tractor Tracks, 1 Train Tunnel and additional Train Bridge straight parts without support.

2. Farm 26: See prices below:

12x12 - 7,000,000,000 coins or 50 FarmCash (New Farm)
14x14 - 7,500,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
16x16 - 8,000,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
18x18 - 8,500,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
20x20 - 9,000,000,000 coins or 20 FarmCash
22x22 - 9,500,000,000 coins or 25 FarmCash

3. New Facility Manager filter: You can now filter and show only the 'Non-Workable by Friends' Facilities like the Truck, Mines, etc, when you do this the Start All will only start production on those facilities.

4. Better feedback when using the Start Batch / +10 / +30 / All buttons in Facilities: The feedback text stays in place and is easier to see what you have produced so far. Also, when you fill the product to capacity there is no message box anymore.

5. Belt and Dans for the next 10 Facilities: Farm Buildings Factory, Beekeeping Supplies Factory, Restroom Supplies Factory, Pool Supplies Factory, Healthy Juice Stand, Honey Derivatives Factory, Dental Supplies Factory, Laundry Supplies Factory, Tropical Shakes Stand and Peruvian Restaurant.

6. Transplanter 16 x 16 (FC): Transplant up to 256 plants at once.

7. Bulldozer 12 x 12 (FC): Delete up to 144 plants at once.

8. Market Improvements:

- When you receive a Hire Request you can now see for how many farms you are been hired for and if your Employer is sharing the tools and/or the fuel.
- When you receive a Hire Request if you don't respond in 30 seconds the request will disappear. Later on we will add a countdown so you know how much time you have to accept the request.
- When your employee arrives at your farm, we will include the Farm Name in the notification.
- When your employee receive a Job Completion Bonus we will send you a notification so you know the job was fully completed on that farm.
- In the Market the Sell Price in Coins now show commas (,) to make it easier to read.
- In the Market there is now a Total Value on the top for everything that is currently been displayed, this number change as you change filters or categories.

9. Grass with Guidelines (FC): This is a ground cover located in the Ground/Paths category, is the same as the green default grass but with red lines on top which should help designers align items much easier.

The First Time purchase price is 35 FC, and after that is only 100 coins, like the rest of the ground covers.

10. Facebook Upgrade: We have finished the work required to comply with new facebook policies, most of the changes were transparent to the user but some did impact some functionality on the game:

a) Facebook do not allow access to your 'Facebook Friend Lists' anymore, to compensate for that we have added a new filter 'Recently Sent To' in the 'Farmer Lists' section, so when you are sending gifts that filter will show you all the friends that you have sent gifts in the past few days. The same happens when you are sending Train Boost requests.

b) The capability provided by Facebook to read your Home Feed to retrieve the Farm Town posts made by your friends is very unstable, we have completed a work around that should be working much better. Still, we anticipate that in the future this may brake again and we will have to find another workaround.

11. Other Improvements:

- More robust system when purchasing farm cash
- When sending Farm Cash Facilities, Tools or Trains as gifts to friends you will receive a warning if your friend already had it. In the case of the Tools, the warning only works if your friend had it in the Item Storage.
- When fishing, instead of the % Grown you will see exactly how long will it take for the fish to grow
- The Search tool is now available when visiting/working other people farms, the only difference is that it will only search the items in the farm not the storage, for privacy reasons.
- When using the Hide Tool (the closed Eye in the extended tool box) you can now see the item names when you mouse over them. Also, you can now hide any type of fields as well.
- Remove the pop up when storing Super Animals
- Farm Selector now shows the size of the farm when visiting others
- Some users will experience an increase in their Gift Box size as we are now only storing the first 15 chars of the sender's name.

- Bug Fix: When you unload a train you don't have to refresh the game for the product to show up in storage
- Bug Fix: 'Duplicate' button sometimes appearing incorrectly in the Store for the Semi-Trailer Truck
- Bug Fix: When visiting others the quest icon on the top was showing the farm owner Quest Managers instead of the current playing user Quest Managers
- Bug Fix: Invite tab is now working for Spanish and French users

12. 4 New crops and trees (coming on Monday): Chia Seeds, Leek, Hazelnuts and Brazil Nuts. First time use for the Blue Agave crop.

13. New Facilities (coming on Monday): Vegan Supplies Factory (FC), Library Supplies Factory (Coins), Vegan Market (FC) and Library (coins).

14. New Products (coming on Monday): Agave Syrup and Flaxseed Meal.



Post Release Updates - April 11th, 3:00AM EST

- I mentioned on point #5 that we had released Dan 7 for those facilities, this was incorrect, it should be just the regular Belts and Dans for those facilities.

Post Release Updates - April 11th, 7:00AM EST

- For those having issues sending gifts, please go to the link below and see if at least the My Neighbours, Recently Sent To and Farmers Helping Me filter options are working and if you are able to send the Alligator correctly.

Please, report the results on this thread.

Known Issues

- Some users can not send gifts or boost trains.