17/08/2012 17:31

Is your farm responding slowly, causing you and others to crash out? It could be the faulty Flash Player or it could be the extent that Slashkey are their own worst enemy.

Or is your farm layered, stacked, with trees on top of crops, flowers placed in you have your farm animals roaming your farm with all those cute decorations gathered in every corner, if this sounds like a description of your farm, the problems could be one of an overloaded farm sending far to much information to the server...too much info and CRASH.

Why do I say Slashkey is their own worst enemy, well they have literally forced us the player to plough our fields in a 9X pattern, then to stack/layer them 2 or 3 or sometimes more deep, on that same farm we need trees, flowers and of course our ever hungry facilities, push that load across 15 farms, oh and of course please add all the ghosted facilities, cars, trains, people and of course our rivers lakes and sea coasts...we actually have a recipe for a disaster in the making, something has to give, oh yes please do not forget the Flash player has a glitch as well...the servers for this game must take an enormous pounding, especially when they tell us that there are well over a million players, thank heavens for the varied time zones, without them we could have crashed out months ago. Do not forget the BIG tools, if you take a 6X Harvest/plough/seeder, on a single ploughed field you are doing 36 times 3 clicks per second,roughly 108 clicks per second), do that on a 9x filed it rises exponentially, and then they threaten to ban auto clickers because they click too fast. As a morse code operator I maintain a send capability of 60 words a minute on a straight key...translate that into clicks, as for a good wonder Slashkey will not give us a clicks per second rate.

How to each his own, but I would suggest as a starter that the 9X and 6X fields do not get stacked, trees and flowers are kept apart from crops and that houses, facilities are not placed on top of, or under crops. Animals are all placed into their respective coops, hutches, barns etc and that other extraneous decorations be kept to a minimum, except of course for the show farm or the competition, which only gets decorated to enter the competition or decorate according to personal taste.

Please remember that Slashkey do warn us when it comes to enlarging our farms that they may have a slower response time, and that is before any ploughing, planting, decorating takes place.

So if you are suffering from constant crashes, maybe it is time to look at the loading on the farms, then of course once a little rearranging has being done, we can really scream at Messrs Slashkey, or was that Adobe or could that be FaceBook