Introducing TnT's Tip of the Day

01/01/2013 03:30



To get the New Year going we have decided to launch a tip of the day, we the Admins know of one or two, maybe you the member also have a few tucked away, here is your chance to get in on the action. Give us your name, your Avatar name and your tip, we will then publish your tip and give you the full credit for it. This is yet another way in which we can all use the group to the benefit of all members. Remember the simple little trick that you have with something on the game, may not be known by anybody else, so please feel free to give us all the chance at learning something new.

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Remember no one is compelled to use any of these tips, they are tried and tested ways of making the game a little easier


Click here to visit our brand new Tip of the Day section and remember to come back and visit often