28/03/2012 22:18

I have been asked numerous times as to how to use the Farm Report program so I thought I would create a document to help you all out.

Once you have downloaded the Farm Report program you will want to put it into your computers startup program so you don't have to manually start it everyday.


This works for both Windows XP and Windows 7 (these are the 2 that I use)

Click on your Windows start button (round windows button for 7)

Search in the program listing for Start up folder (usually up the top on XP and in alphabetical order in 7)

When you have found the folder right click it and click on Open (this will open a window for the Start up folder) Keep this window open and then continue with the next step.

Click on the Start button again and for XP go to My Documents and then to Download folder and open it. You will see the FarmReport.jar file left click on it and drag it into the Start up folder window that you have opened. Close the windows and next time you restart your computer Farm Report should automatically start up with your computer.

For Windows 7 click on start button then click on Computer and on the left hand side of screen is downloads. Click on this and follow the same procedure as above.


Here are 2 examples the first one is for the Now setting

First of all pick a crop that you want to put in to the program. I have just planted Wheat so I would click on the little button in front of Crop so it has a black dot in it and then I would click on the Select Crop button. You can scroll down to the crop you want or you can type W and the crops that start with W will come up and then you just scroll through them to get to the one you want.

Once the crop is selected you need to go over a column to the Started box. If you have just planted it you click Now.

In the Notes section you just type in something to remember which farm it is planted on. Personally I just use numbers for the farms eg: 1

Next you need to decide if you want the item to alarm (puts an alarm window on you desktop when the product is ready) or just have it in the report so you can look at it.

If you have "watered" the product just highlight it and click on "Irrigate" on the top row of buttons.

This is the same for anything that you wish to put into the report. The only difference is that if you want to put in a tree or an animal or flowers or sea coast etc you just click on that heading instead of crop.

If you want to put a product into the report that is already planted follow the same instructions but when you get to the Started box click on Ready in and this will bring up the Set box. Click on the set box then click on either the Days, Hours, minutes up and down arrows to put the correct time in. To find out how much longer a crop has to go hover your mouse over it and it will give you the amount of time left before ready to harvest.

Continue with the rest of the instructions and then your farm report will hopefully make your farming easier :)

I hope that this has answered some of your questions :)


TnT Admin Team