16/10/2012 21:57

Auto-Claim System Instructions:

NB you need to be a member to use auto-collect on the FT100 site
This is a trial system, and subject to updating without notice!This system works very differently from the Speed Links system, as it does not collect gifts at high speed, but instead, works through a list of links that you build up. It works in a small pop-up window, allowing you to set it up and get on with farming play while the gifts collect for you.You can select multiple types of gift when you build your list, and then just click on the Start Collecting Button to start claiming. The window can be minimised during the claiming and if closed, will stop collecting and pick up where it left off when re-opened, unless you cancel the current list. The window will tell you what type of gift is being claimed and how many gifts are outstanding. There is a Pause Collecting Button to enable you to pause the system temporarily, a link to your farm to open for emptying, and a counter that tells you how many gifts you have collected so far. If you have set a limit, the system will stop when it reaches this limit and wait for you to re-start it.


 It is imperative that you have the collection browser logged in correctly. It MUST be logged into Facebook with the correct account for the farm, and also to this site. Both logins must have the Stay logged in ticked. Initially, pop-ups must be allowed too.

1. Set up the best options for your computer. This will be trial and error, but rule of thumb is the more pop-up windows you open, the longer in seconds it needs to process them, so for fast claims, do fewer pop-up windows on a smaller seconds setting.

2. Decide if you want to set a download limit for the collection window. This setting will stop the collection after X number of gifts have been claimed, so if you are going to be away from the pc, you can set it to stop when the gift box is likely to be full.

3. Select the gifts you would like to claim.

4. If your gifts claimed so far is close to the end of the list, use the Reset your Counter Button to reset it so you avoid the area that single links claims.

5. Fill in a number of gifts you want, then click Add to my Queue, or use the pre-selected buttons for 100, 200, 500, 1,000 or 5,000.

6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for as many types of gift as you want.

7. Click on the "Open the gift collection window" link to start the collection.

  •     For best results, use two browsers while collecting. Most members get best returns using Chrome to collect gifts, while any other browser will work your farm, add gifts to the queue and any other work you want to do.
  •     Check that the system works with pop-ups blocked. On some browsers the pop-ups are essential, on others you can turn off pop-ups and still get gifts, but please check. (Safari Users, this seems to be common to this browser in particular, pop-ups must be allowed for the gifts to collect.)
  •     Make sure that the gift collection browser is logged in to facebook on the correct account and this site properly. You MUST make sure that the "Keep me logged in" box is checked on facebook and this site, so that you can return and carry on without any problems.
  •     Gifts are collected IN REVERSE ORDER. If you run out of a particular gift, you can push that one to the top of the list just by clicking on the Claim Now button on the list of gifts queued up. The system will then switch to the selected gift and collect them first before continuing with the remainder of the list
  •     If you want a selection of gifts quickly, add a few of each to the queue rather than big numbers. The gifts are collected according to when they were added, not by type, so 20 of each will give you a full box of a selection, where 1000 of each will give you all of the one type before starting the next.
  •     Clear your browser history and cache daily. This system can build a very large history in a day, and will cause bad links if duplicates are detected during the process of claiming.
  •     Don't expect fast results! The system will run in the background collecting continuously, so you can carry on working your farm as normal, refreshing it every few minutes to collect.
  •     Don't forget to empty the Gift Box often! If the gift box fills up, the system will not stop sending, but FT will stop receiving until the box is emptied. All gifts claimed while the box is full are lost.

Link to Auto Collection Page: