28/03/2012 20:55

Find your  FB I.D. number : this should be the number that you use on FT top100 (If you use 9999 or 1111 etc ask and we will help you get your ID)

To Find your FB I.D try this

It also works if you got to you albums and click on your profile piicture.

First go to your profile page in the url bar it will says https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=123456789 (the numbers will be your personal id)

Go to one of you facility posts - copy the link address - https://apps.facebook.com/farmtown/play/?farm_id=1052025464&farm_ix=10&facility_id=-W&facility_time=1332920936&facility_sig=f631374b52eb61730e4117dcef5d8774 - the numbers in red on this example will be your FB id. (I personally find this the easiest one to find you FB id.

Keep the ID number safe that you can easily find it if you need it later for something else.


To create a link this is how you do it.

Use this as a template



when you have your FB ID number - replace the XXXXXX with your FB ID number


It should then look like this - this is mine

https://apps.facebook.com/farmtown/play/?farm_id=1052025464&farm_ix=0 - the red numbers shown here will be you FB id number - we all have a different one. It cn be up to 15 numbers long.


To post harvest plow work on the group - this link will help anyone to get to your farm to help even if they are not a friend threy can click the link to help you.


1. post on the group that you need help

2. when someone answers/says they will help

3. paste the link in the comments section

4. the person who said they would help should then click on the link to get to your farm 1

5. meet the person on your farm so that you can hire them - you still have to do that

6. you then comment in the comments - work taken when you have hired them

7. when the work is done thank them again in the comments section of the post


Good luck.


If you need help please ask and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

Happy Farming

Antonette Toni KUhn