31/12/2012 19:19


We all know how much of our valuable farming space oak trees take up so here's a way to pack in a few more and save on a bit of space.

These instructions also work for 2 of the new bushes which are in use in the plant nursery - Mugo Pine Bush and Dieffenbachia Bush.


  1. Open Farm Town and go to the farm where you want to crowd your oak trees and set it as your default farm.
  2. Buy one oak tree and place well away from where you will be placing your crowded oaks. It's recommended that you work from a corner of a farm or have fencing placed so you have a boundary to work from.
  3.  Reload the game, and set to offline, then open 3 more tabs and set each of them offline.
  4. Now go to your first tab and click on the oak tree you previously bought and select "Buy Multiple".
  5. Place your first line of oaks - for example 4 down one edge of your farm, then continue placing them in lines which are aligned with the first row you planted. (I recommend you practice on a small area at first).
  6. Once you have a couple of rows, go to your 2nd tab and move down one notch from the edge where you previously started then plant another 2 rows the same as you did in the first tab
  7. Go to the 3rd tab and this time move one notch to the left of where you first planted oaks in the first tab (step 5), then place another block of 2 rows aligned with the oak you just planted.
  8. Go to your 4th tab and this time place your first oak one notch in from each edge and plant another block of 2 rows of oaks.
  9. Save and refresh your game. (You can close the additional tabs at this point). Your oaks should now be overlapped.


Please be aware that it is recommended that you do not do this on a large area of farm as it will cause it to run slowly and may even stop it from loading at all.


It is not recommended that you try this on a slow computer or if you have a slow connection.

Click here to view a screenshot of what your oaks will look like once they have been planted overlapped



Happy farming,