21/12/2012 17:31

So the memcache no longer works, this means it will take me ages and means I have to have tons of neighbours for my dummy account....NO it does NOT.

Here is a simple way for you to work facs with your dummy account so that you can gift yourself some nice Farm Cash or maybe that little facility you always wanted:

1. Open your dummy account, make sure that your main account is friends with it.
2. Fill your main accounts factories and send your dummy account a private posting for your facilities and service facilities.
3. On your dummy account respond to the hire request.
4. Do not work the first factory...wait!!
5. Making sure that the first factory is open and unworked, GO "OFFLINE"
6. Now open another two tabs, making sure each is "OFFLINE"
7. Now starting at the Left Hand Tab, work the first factory, but do not close it.
8. Do the same on the next two tabs.
9. On the last tab you may now close that factory and repeat on the other two tabs.
10. This will effectively bring up the second factory.
11. Repeat the process for the second and subsequent factories until the mayor says he will work the last few factories.
12. Now move all three tabs to the next farm and repeat the process.
13. Once all the factories are worked go and sell all the ingredients that you have gained for the dummy account.
14. Now you can start buying Silo's and place them on your Dummies Farm. (Here an auto-clicker is invaluable)
15. Keep going until you have enough Farm Cash to either buy yourself a Farm Cash Voucher or send yourself that sought after facility or tool.
16. Remember that you can work your facilities every eight hours. This eliminates the need for more neighbours than your main account.

Of course you can always open more tabs than only the three, I merely find it better for myself to use only the three, as I can keep better control that way, I do strongly suggest that you practise on only three tabs until you have the process well practiced.

Please note, it is not necessary to do more than work your main accounts factories, no need to go through the harvest and plough routine on the dummy account.
Happy Farming