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This is an easy way to make Farm Cash and then send the facility or Farm Cash voucher to yourself.

1. Create a "dummy" (NEW) account on Face Book


2. If Face Book asks for a mobile number, stop that account, merely abandon it and start another one using a different E Mail address.


3. I find Hushmail a very convenient E Mail account to use, but both google and yahoo work as well.

4. Make sure your factories are full on your main account.

5. Open your dummy facebook account and make your main account a friend. (this is the only friend you need)

6. Now start a farm (if you make friends with yourself first you do not need to invite yourself to be a neighbour)

7. Delete everything off your new accounts farm, place your sheep and pig in an out of the way corner and freeze your animals.

8. Go to your main account and post your factories privately so that only your dummy can see the post.

9. Go to your dummy account, accept the work. Once that page is opened, open it on two more tabs, you now have to work each factory incividually....DO NOT CLOSE THE FAC until you have worked it in all three tabs. Do the same with the next fac until the mayor says "I will work" Go to the next farm on all 3 tabs and repeat.

10. Work all your main accounts facilities and clients in this manner.

11. Now on your dummy account, go to the market and sell everything that is in your storage.

12. To reach 55 Farm Cash you need to have approximately 30 mill coins in your dummy/new account.

13. If you have an auto clicker, this is where it pays off big time. (OPTIONAL)

14. Select a silo from the shop, buy it and place it on your farm. Select Buy multiple and keep buying silos until you have reached level 28, then change to lemonade stands and continue the process. (The auto clicker merely makes this process faster, much faster.)

15. If your farm becomes full, merely store and sell them at the market until the farm is empty again.

16. When you reach above 30 Farm Cash, you may decide you want to buy a facility rather than a 55 FC gift card.

17. Select your facility, select the SEND option and send it to your main account.

18. Unfriend yourself and close/deactivate your account.

19. If you would rather go for the 55 FC gift voucher, merely continue until you reach 55 FC on your dummy. then send yourself the voucher.

Unfriend yourself and close/deactivate the account.


If you have any questions please ask and we will try to help where we can


Hope this makes for





A lot of questions come up around upgrades about how to get more Farm Cash. This is an easy to follow instruction on how to make a dummy account and send yourself Farm Cash or Facilities.


First thing to do is log into your own farm and fill your facilities as much as you can. DO NOT POST THEM YET.


Once your facilities are full log into another browser which is different to the one that you already are using (chrome, firefox, explorer, safari or rockmelt) so if you are using chrome for your usual account log into one of the others for the next steps. In this example I am using Chrome (browser 1) for my account and Firefox (browser 2) for my dummy account.


In your browser 2 (dummy account) screen log onto a free email site your choices are hotmail, yahoo, hushmail. I am sure there are others don't use gmail as they now ask for a mobile number to confirm and you don't want this. I am going to use yahoo for this example.


Click on the sign up button to email on the page and fill in the information with a made up name. Write down the email address so you an keep it handy and fill in an easy password to remember. Or print the screen so the information is handy. Open the inbox and then click on another tab to open another page and log onto the facebook log in page.

Fill in the sign up form with you dummy account information.

You will now come to the Welcome screens for a new person. I click Skip this step all the way though.

Once you have gotten through that you need to click on the go to your email to complete the sign up process. This will reopen your email in another tab. Click on your inbox and then click on the message "Just one more step to get started on Facebook".

Click on the link in the email.

You have now completed the sign up process. You can close the email and second facebook tabs that are open now if you want to.

To find your normal account type your name into the search bar at the top or personally I find it easier to type my email address into the search and my account is the only one that comes up.

Click on the add friend button on the profile page. Remember to switch to your first browser (normal account) to accept the friend request.


Now go back to your normal account and post your facilities that you filled and make availale only to your dummy account. To do this start to post as you would normally do but when you get to the posting window click on the little arrow which is next to friends to bring up the menu and click on custom.

You will then have to click on the little drop down menu where it says friends to get the "specific people or lists"

Start typing you dummy account name into the "these people or lists" box and this will activate the friends drop down list. Choose your dummy account then click "save changes".

Now click the "share" button like you would normally do for a post. This will make your post only available to your dummy account.


Now switch back to your 2nd browswer (dummy account) and type Farm Town into your search bar. Allow the game and make your little avatar. I turn off the music and sound as it drives me crazy straight away. You will find that as you already added your normal account as a friend you will already be in the neighbour bar.


Now that your dummy account is signed up to farm town go back to your home screen or your normal accounts profile and click on the work facilities and services links that you made earlier with your normal account. Work them both with your dummy account.


Sometimes you can not work a new friends facilities straight away if this happens save this link onto your computer and use it to clear you FarmTown cache. You can also use this so your dummy account can work your facilities.


You will need about 30 million coins to get a $55 Farm Cash voucher. If you only have a small amount of facilities then ask for a friend to add your dummy account and to fill their facs and services for you.


Once you have worked everything go offline (click on green powerpoint in top right row of boxes) and click the green tick to disconnect from the main frame. Click on the map icon then go to the Market Place (sell and trade). Click on sell harvests and gifts in the bubble then click show me your prices. Click on the drop down menu above the "sell selected" button and select Non Ingredients.

Now click "sell all shown" button. Go back to the drop down menu and select "all"

You have 2 choices now you can click all the sell blue buttons on each individual item or you can tick the boxes in the top left hand corner of each box and then click on the "sell selected" box. I personally tick the boxes and sell each screen as if I need to rework the facilities for more coins I don't have to re tick everything as they will already be ticked and I can just click the Sell Selected button.

Once you have sold everything go back to your farm and then the fun begins. I personally use a auto clicker for this next bit. There are a few free ones out there I believe there is one on the FT100 site but the one I use is called Mark's Clicker.


It is very simple to use and doesn't take up a lot of memory on your computer.

On your dummy account farm zoom out and have the right corner on the edge of your screen. Unhide buildings if you have already hidden them. Go to the store and buy a silo.

Place it in the right hand corner of your farm.

I set the clicker to 250 for this next bit. Click on the silo and select buy multiple in the drop down menu. Place the Silo next to the first one DO NOT CLICK. Put the mouse onto the table making sure the silo is still where you want it. Press Alt Z to activate Mark's game clicker (or whatever the action is with the one you are using) and let it build up to about 200 - 300 clicks. (this is buying 200 - 300 silos and just putting one on top of the other).

Once your clicker reads 200 - 300 press Alt Z again to stop it and click on Map and go to Market Place for your XP to catch up. Once it has stopped increasing click Go Home and repeat buying another "multiple" of the silo place it next to the other 2 and start again with the clicker. Once I get up to about level 40 I switch to the yellow seeder and do the same thing as it costs a bit more and you get more xp.

Once you have used all your coins if you need more Farm Cash rework your normal accounts farms again using the mem cache link I gave you earlier and repeat the selling and buying instructions. Once you have the right amount of Farm Cash you can either send Facilities to yourself or send a gift card (minimum is $55). I usually don't do more than about 70 Farm Cash per dummy account as the levels get harder to get through the higher you go.


To send a Facility or Tool go to the Store and to the tab you want (Facility or Tool) and scroll to the one you want. If you want to send a gift card then go to the Other tab and scroll till you see the $55 gift card. Instead of clicking buy like you would normally do click on the Send button. Here I am sending a Gift Card to myself. The send button will be in the circle in the gift card box.

Click Send and a screen will come up asking you to choose who to send it to. Click on yourself and a confirmation window will come up asking are you sure you want to send a $55 voucher to your name. Click the green tick.

If there is any Farm Cash left over and not enough for a Facility or Tool then I usually send the Farm Cash animals (heavy wool llama or longwool sheep) to myself. To do this just go into the store and click on the animal tab and they are up the top of the screen. Click send and choose yourself again.


Once you have used all your Farm Cash return to your Normal account and reload and accept the gifts. Go back to your dummy account close FarmTown. Go to your profile page click on your Normal account name and Unfriend. Click on the little arrow at the top of the screeen to get into your account settings. Then click on the Security tab.

Click on Deactivate your account

Click on I don't know how to use Facebook in the Why are you deactivating account. (I never click I have another account). I also click Opt out of receiving emails. then click Confirm.

Type in your password click Deactivate Now. Complete the security check letter number thing and your done.


Hope this has helped you to understand how to make some quick easy Farm Cash. From start to finish with a clicker should take about an hour to make $55.


Happy Farming


Karen Lane