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  • Click on your extended tool box (little yellow box on the right of the top row of icons with the tools hanging out of it)
  • Click on the green arrow
  • Click on the little brown box on the top left with a ? on it (the quest manager)
  • A white screen will appear and down the bottom will be a blue box that says Accept click on this and the quest will begin



I will use the Quest "Load 2 Horse Paintings into a Service Facility" as an example


Steps required: Produce Clay Block 0/1

Harvest cotton 0/2

Produce Beige Pigment 0/1

Produce Canvas Textile 0/1

Produce Horse Painting 0/2

Load Horse Painting 0/2


  • Plant and any crops that are required to complete the item in this case cotton x 2
  • You can water (irrigate with the red sprinkler) to speed up the harvest time
  • Go to any Facility to start producing ingredients (remember you must complete the crop requirement before you can use the facility for the next step) in this case the open pit mine to produce the Clay Block click load batch.

Remember you only click load batch not the start all button as this will not register. And make sure that you check how many of an item you need as you may need to click load batch more than once

  • Once you have completed the first steps you can move onto the next steps.
  • Go to your Facility Manager (little Dairy shed in the extended tool box) and select the Ink and pigment facility so you can make the Beige Pigment. Click load batch
  • Go to your Textile and Spinning Mill so you can make the Canvas Textile click load batch
  • Once all of the production steps are completed with green ticks you can get onto the last steps.
  • Open your Facility Manager and select the Art Studio then click on the load batch for the Horse Painting.
  • Once the paintings are completed Open the Facility Manager and select Art Gallery click load batch for the Horse Painting


Once the quest is completed a white screen will come up with information on how much coin you have earned click the blue Redeem Prize down the bottom to accept the coins.



Karen Lane