28/03/2012 23:21


Step by step ghosting:

1.  Choose your factory (does not work with animal sheds)

2. Click to move it

3. Click on any of your other farms that does not have the same factory already on it.

4. You will see the factory on the other farm, in the same place as the farm it came from.

5. Click on the green man.

6. Open the factory and fill it.

7. Repeat the process to ghost the factory to another farm.

8. At the end of the week, whenever you normally clear your factories (I do mine on a Sunday).

the factory clears when you press the store all button on your factory manager.( if you have the purple forklift) otherwise you must go from farm to farm and clear and restock your ghosted factories individually.

9. You can then repeat the process.


I use it for my mines, beehives, Fish farming plant, oil pumps and semi - trailer.  Once filled they take a week to process. This means in effect that you need only one of each, a huge saving in both cash and coin.


Here are 2 video for you to look at to try and help you,


This works with all the factories, but the returns are far better from the factories that friends and neighbours cannot work.


Happy Farming

Anthony Robert Kuhn