28/03/2012 21:35


For Understanding Clarity and Knowledge

CCR                                                Clear Cache and Reboot

LMAO                                            Laugh My Ass Off

PMSL                       Pee myself laughing

GIFT                       Get it formatted today

ROFL                       Roll on floor laughning

W/B                         Welcome back

FYI                          For your information

BBL                         Be back later

CYA                         See you

GG                          Good going

WTG                        Way to go

OMG                        oh my goodness

OMW                        on my way

FF                            Funny Farm

AFK                          Away from Keyboard

BFOFLMAO                  Bump Fall On Floor LMAO

KIP                          Kick in Pants

CRS                         Can't remember stuff

TMI                         To much information

H/P                          Harvest/plough

H/P/C                         Harvest/plough/chop

BRB                          Be right back

OTB                          Off to bed

L8R                          later

CU                              See you

FOMP                         Fallen off my perch

NP                              No problem

BGTS                          Brain gone to sleep

G2CU                         Good to see you

PITA                          Pain in the ass

MWAH                          a kiss (the sound of a kiss)



As requested by Eileen Allphin

Other Acronymns/ abbreviations will be added as memory surfaces


Happy Farming