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At some point, everyone will have had, or will still have what is called the Farm Cash Challenge. It appears in a blue banner across the top of your farm saying " Farm Cash Offers: Click here to hire some friends and earn up to 30 Farmcash."

You can only click on the blue banner, once a day. Once you have clicked on it....it will disappear for 24 hours.

If you click on it, you will then be taken to a page, where you can invite your friends to work on your farm. When a friend gets your invite, they will be asked if they wish to harvest something on your farm, and earn 1 Farmcash. If they refresh their farm, or when they next go on it, they will get another pop up, asking them if they wish to work one of your facilities, for 2 Farmcash. If they succeed in carrying out these tasks, they will earn a total of 3 Farmcash, and you will also be awarded with 3 Farmash.

You can keep sending invites daily, until you have earned the maximum amount of 30 Farmcash. Once you have reached the maximum, the blue banner will disappear from the top of your farm, forever.

However, there is one thing that you must make sure of, before sending out any invites. You should make sure, that you have something on your farm, for your friends to harvest, and a facility which is fully loaded, for your friends to work. If you don't, they won't be able to carry out the work, but will continue to get the pop ups for it, on their farm. These pop ups can last for over a week, and would get very irritating for your friends. This is besides the fact that they would not have earned 3 Farmcash, and you would not have, either!

One last point, if you are a person who has recieved one of these invitations, and you have accepted, and nothing has happened.....this will mean that the person who has sent the invitation to you, has reached their maximum of 30 Farmcash, and therefor, your invitation would be expired, as they wouldn't be allowed to earn anymore. (Remember, even though you would earn 3 Farmcash for working on their farm...so would they earn 3 Farmcash for inviting you).

You can accept as many invites, in a day, as you have been sent. Obviously, once you have earned 30 FC , any further invites would not work, as you would have earned your maximum amount allowed. As for sending, you can send many invites in one day. When you click your blue banner, it will take you to a page to select friends to invite. Only, once you click that banner, it will not appear above your farm again, until the next day (24hrs later). So, you get once chance a day, to send invites.

Finally, if you have been sent a Farmcash Challenge by your friend, could you please keep in mind, that you only have to harvest one plot, or one tree, or one flower....and work one facility. Please do not harvest any more than this, as there will be other friends who have also been sent invites, who will need something to harvest and work on, when they get there.

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