Group Rules

The group has been established since late January 2012 and has grown incredibly, not only in size, but in spirit. In order for the group to function at a level where everyone gets a fair chance at increasing their friends circle and their XP at the same time we now need to lay down a few ground rules.


  • Group members are expected to post their factories in the group at least once per week.
  • Group members are to avoid controversial issues that could cause tensions within the group.
  • Members are encouraged to post requests for labour within the group, why hire from the market when you can do it right here on TnT.
  • Members are encouraged to chat, and socialise on the group...
  • Members are encouraged to ask questions regarding Farm Town problems, and to assist others that are struggling.


If you have any questions on how to..."anything" please ask, that is what we are here for.


  • We encourage all our members to post their Facility & Client posting here.
  • Please take the time to work someone else's postings.
  • Click Like on the post when you work them. This allows the admins to ascertain if the members are getting the help the need.

If we all work together we can make this the best group in Farm Town.

Happy Farming