Do and Don't on the groups


This Group is for the benefit of Farm Town Players.

It is necessary to lay down certain ground rules in order to regulate the group and prevent unnecessary clutter on the page, and saves Admin from being repetitive and nagging all day 


  • Do read ALL the Docs on the Website, they are there to assist you and contain much valuable information and tips
  • Do  post facility work here (state if it is for clients or facilities)
  • Do post your farm hires here (If no one is around to help please do not beg for helpers on the group)
  • Do  be polite and consider others
  • Do interact with other members, as long as it is not offensive
  • Do feel free to help others if you have information that will help them
  • Do have FUN

Anything from the DO NOT section clogs the feed and will be removed by Admin immediately, continued or repeated disregard will result in removal from the group


  • Do NOT ask or beg for donations of Farm Cash items
  • Do NOT  Post Belts, and Ingredients anywhere apart from the Bonus & Ingredients group
  • Do NOT post on behalf of your friends, only Admin may post on behalf of members.
  • Do NOT post music or other videos
  • Do NOT create a Doc without Admin approval first
  • Do NOT use obscene or profane language
  • Do NOT discuss religion or politics
  • Do NOT place links to any other group or site or advertise on the TnT group
  • Do NOT delete, or edit a doc without consulting an Admin, stating your reasons why a doc should be edited or deleted.
  • Do NOT post Items for sale - this will result in the immediate removal of the post and your immediate removal from both TnT groups

Above all, it is your farm, play the game your way and allow others to do the same


Happy Farming