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This website was created so that we can all have access to the documents that were created for the groups - here things will not change as they do on Facebook. If any documents get added to the groups they will also be added to the index of documents and their appropriate sub-menu so that they can easily be found.

There is a poll on the right hand side of the page to help the team keep track of what you would prefer. Please also feel free to leave your comments in the guestbook section of the website so that we can get the website the way you would like it. If there are any other problems that you are having please feel free to contact us through the feedback form.

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Our latest admin

16/02/2013 13:30
We are proud and thrilled to announce that Sylvie Adam Dumont has agreed to join our Admin team. Congratulations and a very big welcome to you Sylvie.   Anthony, Toni, Gladys, Susie, Izzy and Elaine


Introducing TnT's Tip of the Day

01/01/2013 03:30
  ANNOUNCING TnT's TIP OF THE DAY: To get the New Year going we have decided to launch a tip of the day, we the Admins know of one or two, maybe you the member also have a few tucked away, here is your chance to get in on the action. Give us your name, your Avatar name and your tip, we...



Group Explained

TnT Farming Experience and TnT Bonus & Ingredients groups are groups that have been established to help people who play the Farm Town game with hints, tricks and advice, as well as providing a platform where members may socialise and obtain assistance in getting their facilities worked or to hire people to do their Harvesting and Ploughing.

Unfortunately the Creator and the Admins. including the V.I.P's do not have a direct line to either Facebook or Slashkey. We are all volunteers who have a love of the game and are subject to the same glitches, changes and other annoyances that are imposed on every other person on either the game or Facebook. This same group of volunteers are also Farmers and also need time to work their farms and on occasion answers need to be researched and sometimes workshopped in order to give a complete and accurate answer, not one that is covered in rumor.

Please also remember that like you we all also have lives and family members outside of Facebook and Farm Town, so that we are unable to be at a computer 24 hours a day, even though the team does cover most of the time zones, there are times when the desk is left unstaffed, we will however get back to you as soon as is possible with an answer that is hopefully helpful and clear, but we will stay with the problem until it is solved. If it is a Slashkey problem or a Facebook issue we, like you can only report it and wait for the outcome. We also have a few health issues in the team, so have to take time off to see doctors, surgeons and the like.

Please be a little understanding if your problem or question is not attended to immediately. It will get our fullest attention as soon as is practicable, we will even write to Slashkey on your behalf if the problem is one that cannot be sorted out any other way, that too takes time, although mostly they are very quick with their responses.

We also actively encourage members to share their knowledge and experience, no one has to be an Admin to answer a question, sometimes group members are able to answer certain questions far better than the "official" admin team.

Thank you for your understanding - happy farming
Antonette, Anthony, Gladys, Susie, Elaine and Izzy